Husband recently diagnosed with MS

Hi to everyone my husband has been poorly for 4 years and they have only just diagnosed MS even though deep down we knew it was. I am looking for places where I can find none dairy, gluten free food can anyone direct me.please thank you xxxx

Can anyone advise me on the best places to go for the non dairy, gluten free foods please

Hi Lara, sorry to read of the shock to your husband and yourself. Even though suspected, the actual diagnosis still hits hard. There is lots of info from this fab & friendly site. Apart from the forums, you can download educational & informative booklets (or paperback via post).

As for your request on buying gluten free foods & non dairy? Well it’s not as hard as we think, most things in any supermarket are gluten free. Rice, corn (not all cornflakes though due to additives), plain crisps. Most curry sauces, Black Farmer sausages at Tesco are fab. Obviously fresh meat, fish, fruit & veg.

If you ask staff though, they’ll show you a specific area, usually a metre or 2 wide x 2mtrs high, selling stuff at highly inflated prices!

It takes a bit of getting used to, but read the labels on every packet, tin, bag etc under Ingredients and Allergy. Aldi actually display this on all of their foodstuffs via the labels - look for a small black area & they state appropriate warnings.

Good luck to you both, welcome to our club x

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Hi Lara,

An MS diagnosis can come as a shock even though you may have suspected it. It takes a while to adapt to a new lifestyle too and none of us no matter what age we are care too much for changes, so it’s baby steps in one way trying slip into a new routine,

There are good booklets from the MS Society on this page …

especially the Just Diagnosed and What is MS. If you scroll to page 1 in that link there’s a very informative and comprehensive one on Diet and Nutrition.

If you like or are able to eat out then most restaurants provide gluten free food and one of the best is Nandos and I think Chrissie has covered supermarket buying.

All the very best to you and yours .

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