Foods to avoid?

Just wondering if anyone knows of certain foods to avoid or to bring into your diet when you have MS?

I have read that gluten free is the way to go but for now I do not have the energy to completely change our families way of eating. I do try to cook all our main meals from scratch (when I have the energy) so don't eat to bad.

Any ideas welcome.


George Jelinek and Dr Swank have written books about diet and MS - I try to follow the Jelinek advice, to keep saturated fat intake low and avoid red meat.  I find that I have a little more energy, it's easy enough to do, but I really do miss steak!  There is a lot of dietary advice, and not all of it works for everyone, but it's worth trying to see if any of them work for you.

Luisa x

There are loads of different advice. I've stopped eating sugar, dairy and gluten since my diagnosis, I have a husband and two small children and we all eat the same generally, once you get in the swing of a new way of eating it is not too bad. I feel a lot better and have more energy now which is great. 

Thanks Luisa will have a look at those.

Amylou, DAIRY? Is that a big no no then? I wouldn't say I eat much but do eat a little cheese and milk with my breakfast.

I have to avoid white bread,milk,cheese,pasta,milk makes me pritty ill....




             If you want to know more about Professor George Jelinek, you can find out more on There are some interesting pointers mentioned there. Good luck.


Avoid foods? screw that!

MS has already taken away many pleasures I used to take for granted, I'll be damned if I start eating dull food aswell.

Sorry, not helpful but sometimes I feel people make themselves unhappy for the psychological benefit of thinking it's doing them good. I'll enjoy what I eat because I have the knowledge that what I'm eating I could end up choking on....the thought of choking on some horrid health food crap is unthinkable!

Hehe, made me laugh - I’m very much of the same school of thought!

I’ve never noticed any correlation between symptoms and what I’ve recently been eating, so for me personally, no food is on an “avoid” list.

If I notice a correlation with anything, I’d say it’s weather - which of course, I can do nothing about - short of moving to another country, perhaps.

But I’m not willing to make myself miserable cutting out whole food groups. Obviously, if I had to, on medical advice, would be different. But none of the medical professionals dealing with me have ever suggested diet as a factor. On the contrary, they were keen to stress that MS is not a lifestyle-related illness, and couldn’t have been caused by anything I’ve done.

As a cautionary tale, my mother virtually eliminated dairy intake, after being told she had high cholesterol (probably a genetic predisposition, as she is not overweight, nor did she have a high fat diet to start with).

We were all worried about this, but she couldn’t be persuaded that her reaction was extreme.

Now, several years down the line, she’s been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Very hard to identify exact cause and effect, but it can hardly have helped that she’s been shunning dairy products for years, so probably hasn’t got enough calcium by natural means.

Thus extreme diets to supposedly help with one condition can sometimes lead to problems with another. My mum is now back to eating “normally” - or more like I call normally - a balanced selection of everything. But it’s probably too late to reverse the osteoporosis she’s already got. :frowning:


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