Hurricane Irma

hello, as we watch news reports of the devastation and loss of lives in the various islands around the Caribbean we both feel sorrow and joy, sorrow for the loss of lives, of everything, that the islanders have, and are, enduring, joy, that we in this country have a few days of heat or a few weeks of snow, to endure, we may lose our home to a fire, but the insurance and/or the government replace all, what future has the person in Anguilla, in the Virgin Islands, in Puerto Rico etc, how long will normality take, if ever, to get back, how long will the big countries like Britain, France, the Netherlands continue to help, more importantly, dispite the devastation, are my millions safe in the tax havens in the Caribbean, Brian. ps, just thought, the islands affected can’t be tax havens, our caring government would have responded must quicker.

I feel sorry for those killed, homeless and desperate victims of the deplorable weather.


ah heck all that we have known for years about climate change and still we keep adding to it. the DWP has done it’s bit in taking my motability car off me so my carbon footprint is clean (got to look on the bright side). Friends of the Earth were on the ball. yet they were made out to be a load of hippies. the hippies and the loony lefties (!) were blamed for everything, allowing the CEOs to do as they pleased. carole x