How very interesting.

This has just popped up on my Facebook and I found it interesting. Has anyone ever used this or heard off people using it?​

This is hardly news! It’s been around for ages. Sadly not available on the NHS in my region - nor most others in England. I enquired about it at least two years ago. Doctor had to look it up in the formulary, before saying: “Oh, we don’t do that.”

Some people get it on private prescription, which they have to pay for - I believe it works out quite expensive.

I’d love to try it, because Baclofen is starting to lose its effect, and I’m reluctant to go up any more (though still far from the max - but I might have another 30-40 years yet to live - a bit worrying if I max out the stalwarts this young, as there will be nothing left in reserve).

Good luck to folks in Wales who can get it. About time it was available to all with MS. I know there’s a chance it might not work - as with any drug. But I’d just like to try.