Thanks to Joy for telling us about GABA - [her Dr - who has ms, recommends it] and to Heather for telling me about Barry Groves - to-day l have received his book ‘Trick and Treat’ and the GABA capsules - which l only ordered yesterday - late afternoon from Amazon [aren’t they amazing] especially for any of us who just can’t get to shop. Shall start taking the ‘pills’ - and sit down for a good read - see if l can’t improve my mind and body! Feel better already.

Hi Frances, not heard about this GABA thing. I thought you were referring to gabapentin. i`ll google it. Hope it helps you. luv POllx

i’ve not heard of GABA either and also thought you meant gabapentin!

Sorry Ladies - Amino Acid Gaba - it was mentioned by Joyj - yesterday. Her Dr. has been using it for 20yrs - he has MS. Look up her post. l am always excited about something l have never tried before. Especially, as it is a natural substance. l googled it and was very interested in what l read - so - l ordered it and it has arrived. F.