How to inform the DVLA????

Hi I couldn’t sleep so thought I would tackle this one, having just been diagnosed last week. When I had my optic neuritis the Drect gov site redirected you to the appropriate pages to download PDFs to print and send, but just been on th website no links no contact information on the what do do if you have a notifiable health condition…getting annoyed…but that maybe because I can’t sleep:) Anyone else come across this? tx

Did lots of searching and found a link through googling DVLA and mS redirected to the ms society website and here it is!!! Absolute waste of time on website!!! I’m not a complainer, but have fed this back (this insomnia is not good for me!) For anyone that needs it Multiple sclerosis and driving - GOV.UK

Think this is the link Sue x

There is a piece near the bottom of the page that says Drivers medical enquires click on the link that says contact form, this will take you to another page and at the bottom of that page there is a list called drivers medical, click on the link contact dvla to inform of a medical condition then fill in your details and hit send. I did try copy & post the link but the mods obviously didnt lime it. Sue x


Hi ,I just phoned them, and got the forms sent out. Real easy, they gave me a 3 year license, after writing to nuero, then it’s reviewed/renewed every 3 years xxxx

Ditto, Shellie. I just rang them too.

I just wrote to them.


Hi sue Thanks I tried the link, but doesn’t work so ill just fill the form in I haven’t got time to ring during the day, as at work and don’t get a break really and kids when I’m not there so form filling or emailing is the quickest option for me :slight_smile: but thanks for your responses x