How to approach the doctor and getting tested

Honestly I’m pretty terrified.

I’m already disabled, about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but it took me 7 years to get that diagnoses after doing the rounds of doctors in my area and trying to get any of them to take me seriously. Eventually it wasn’t really a diagnoses and more ‘We ran so many blood tests ect so we’re just going to say it’s this.’

In the past year my health has been getting majorly worse, I shake for no reason, have limb weakness to the poinbt where there are days I don’t trust myself to walk ect. I could list all the problems here but I’m not asking for someone on the forums to diagnose me. I need advice on getting doctors to take me seriously when I have a complaint. I rarely even go to the doctor now if I’m ill or concerned because I feel so let down by them and so dismissed. Private is not an option for me I’m not working as I’m a full time career for my mother who is severly disabled and dealing with cancer atm. I’m stuck with going to my nhs gp and getting the ‘there’s nothing wrong with you…’ or ‘It’s just lady pains’. (Something I’ve been told.) Everytime I do bring something more serious up the usual responce is ‘it’s the fybro’ even symptoms that are not normally seen in fibro.

Things have gotten so bad for me that the tables have turned and my mum is now taking care of me, especially on days when the vertigo and memory problems are so bad I can’t even remember what I was saying 10 minutes ago. I’m at my wits end, I’ve had friends with ms explain they had similar or same symptoms as me. I don’t want it to be MS, because who does? I just want answers that don’t feel like the doctors are treating me like I’m nuts.

try changing your gp because maybe a fresh start with a different doctor would help.

some people have gone to A & E in desperation although it’ not exactly ideal.

sorry that you have all this to deal with as well as your poorly mum.

hope you manage to find a doctor who will listen!

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I know it’s not answering your question but have you asked social services if they can provide any assistance?

It’s just that you seem to be juggling a lot of plates at the moment.

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I’m sure I read somewhere that most GPs will in the whole of their career have dealt with two people with m.s. Now with the amount of symptoms there are its no wonder they get over looked, I was so lucky with my go he spotted it straight away he never said anything until I had been for the first lot of tests then he just said he was ruling out symptoms, but he was spot on. Good thing was he was young and fresh from the hospital and wanted to change things.

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I hear you, I went under the radar for 20 years with MS. The Neurologist even with lesions on my first scan, discharged me back to my GP…

Who have you seen so far, a Rheumatologist? (they deal with Fibromyalgia am I right?) What have they done to help you with your symptoms? Would it be worth going back to them and advising on how you are currently feeling? If you haven’t seen one, I think you should to rule in/out Fibromyalgia.

If you feel that isn’t helping, ask to see a Neurologist, ask your GP for a referral. If there is any resistance, politely advise that you have been patient with the GP route but now need the matter investigating further.

Have you had any Neurological testing? (MRI, Lumber Puncture). This might be advisable, work with the Neuro. Keep a symptoms diary and regularly record your symptoms and how they affect you, take it with you to see them.

Are you finding things with your mum tough going? |Could this be flaring your symptoms?