Fybro or MS

Every so often I go to the surgery with a little piece of paper in my hand with the symptoms I have and want to ask if MS, everytime I come away not discussing it, I feel such a hypochondriac, I have Fibromyalgia, diagnosed 4 years ago. I am 52 now, ha many symptoms for years earlier, the reason I think I may have MS came because I googled deveral symptoms I was experiencing that I did not think were Fibro, such as grunting loudly in my sleep, massive body jumps, being unable to empty my bladder fully, weeing more at night, the most weird shudders from my neck down my ribs and back a bit like wearing an electrifed shrug,such intensity of spaspms, short lived and have expereinced several times,painful feet and ankles, trigger finger, stiff arms and hands at night…difficulty swallowing, not huge just now and then, sometimes hiccups when trying to drink, etc etc, nothing like bladder dysfuntion or bowels, which is what stops me mentioning my concerns as mine are all little bitty problems, all the other bits are fibro. I have had knee surgery 3 times and arthritis.I am really hoping some one comes back to me as I can not talk to anyone as I feel I am burdening them enough with Fibro, just thought also have no interest in sex, dryness and can no longer reach orgasm, why keep anything back !I do feel alone and just wondered what anyone thought., apologies can’t do paragraphs etc as dog walked on lap top not all the buttons work !Alison

Hi Alison

You should go and speak to your GP, don’t worry about what you think they’ll think about you, they probably won’t be thinking anything negative. I felt the same as you, I always thought the doctors would blame being overweight for anything I went to them with so didn’t mention anything for such a long time. My advice would be don’t go to the GP with a long list of things, take 2 or 3 things which are causing you the most problem and see if they ask you to expand on any other symptoms. I went with a numb patch on my face and leg, trigeminal neuralgia which they already knew about and I also mentioned my bladder problems which I had also seen another doctor with previously. That was enough to get the referral, I literally could have given him about 20 other symptoms but didn’t want him to think I’d been over analysing everything and googling stuff either.

Good luck, take the plunge and I’m sure it will be fine.

Sarah xx

Hi sarah

Hi Sarah many thanks for taking the time to reply, I did write a longer response but have lost it as dog walked over lap top, also can’t do paragraphs etc so excuse the iliteracy! Basicaly I will go to the GP and mention the Meralgia Paresthetica and follow that up with waiting for results on nreve tests they did on my hands that came back ok but no explanation of why my arms and hands so dead, So again thanks has encouraged me to take the first step.Alison

Hiya, like you I was diagnosed with fibro almost 4years ago, but when I went back to the doc with new symptoms that I knew were not fibro I damanded to see a neurologist. Some times you have to be very firm and forceful and don’t take no for a answer. Like you every time I go I feel like a hypochondriac. But I knew in myself something was not right. So listen to what your body is telling you and stick to your guns. Good luck

Same here, was diagnosed with Fibro last March and “accepted” that they didn’t refer to Neuro as originally discussed. Then this year went to see GP and asked for a referral as some symptoms didn’t fit with Fibro.

For me because when they diagnose Fibro there is no real testing done I just don’t feel confident that there has been sufficient investigation. I had MRI last week of spine and dependent on what results are Neuro has a plan. Either way after all this I will feel reassured. If something shows up then I will deal with whatever that is. If it doesn’t then I will know there isn’t something else lurking.

So screw what they may think of you! Do what you need to do to get the investigations you need :slight_smile:

I was told I had fibro too over 4 yrs ago, have always thought it was more, possibly MS. Symptoms been getting worse n extra ones that arnt common with fibro. But I’m the same I have my bit of paper of things to ask doc, but when I’m in there I don’t mention it. I think I’m worried that the doc will say ’ yes it’s fibro’ n then I just get fobbed off. I have quite a few other conditions so think they will just put it down to them n then I leave the docs upset. Been trying for over 2 yrs.

that is so me, prob 2 years also, I was fortunate one GP just said one day ‘I think it is Fibromyalgia’ and referrerd me to a Rheumatologist, a very miserable one but did the Fibro point thing, however since then I have had lots of other symptoms and recognise many from years ago, ie vertigi, feeling crushed spasms, I did think I was wrong to ask people with MS what they thought, I didn’t want to waste their time when they are going through so much,but the support I had from this site prompted me to go ahaed, it is little things that stopped me taking it further,ie only a bit of my thigh is numb not all of it etc etc, When I did muster the courage I did see a crap new GP and came away in tears, but again this site has helped me to have the courage to go back,I hope you get there, I really feel for you, I understand how hard it is, it really should not be such a difficult thing, I came out feeling like a fraud and a time waster especially when he gave me a two week sick not when I am using a walking stick and have arthritis and have had a new knee several weeks ago and work as a cleaner and I can’t unclench my fist,I thought my God what do you need to do, he is anew GP. I came back and wrote a letter to the two main GP’s I see and expalined how I felt after that appt… have yet to post !

L’hermittes sign

I am sure I keep experiencing this, once climbing over a style on raising my head huge electrical buzzing feeling neck back and arms, few seconds, frightened me as so intense beyond belief, even went back to the style next day to check if any cables exposed anywhere!

Then again today,every one giving away lovely free bramleys where I live,bent down again to help myself, same sensation again,goes quick but feel tired after and emotional,but I am a wuss,Have had an awful two weeks, exhausted beyond belief, painful feet and pins and needles on and off left side of head behind ear on and off.Have been put off going back,when my sick note is due I will try again, just feel like they think I am a hypochondriac it is just fibro so just get on with it.