how to get diagnosed

I feel like i have been on a roller coaster for a year with my health how can i get proffessionals to listen to me.?

They have diagnoded fibromyalgia last year hence i left the group, so i joined a support group and can clearly see now it is not fibro.

​it seems fibromyalgia is the umbrella for everything. i have requested to be able to speak to an MS nurse as i dont know what else to do i feel like a hypocondriact

I know nothing of your background and circumstances, Mandy, so have only a general point to offer and it may or may not apply.

When there is low-level odd stuff going on, and the medics think they know what it is (even if the dx is, in your view, just a convenient way of batting it into the long grass) then the best thing to do is often to step back and wait until something big changes. If it doesn’t, then hurrah - maybe they were right all along. If it does, well, that’s the time you will find them more receptive to your concerns and ready to try other lines of enquiry. Without a significant change to snag their interest, trying to get medics to shift from a dx that they think is secure and you don’t can be weary work indeed.


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Speaking from my own experience, what Alison says is very true.

I ignored my symptoms for years - not because I was doing an ostrich impression, but because (unlike yourself) I accepted what I’d been told (that there was nothing serious the matter), and MS never crossed my mind for a minute (maybe occasionally for a second - but I immediately told myself: “Don’t be so silly!”).

So I struggled on with quite low-level symptoms for years, assuming this was how everybody felt past 30, 35, 40 etc, and I was just making heavier weather than most.

Eventually, something rather more dramatic happened (woke up one morning with complete loss of sensation in both feet, and reduced sensation in pelvic area). Diagnosed relatively quickly after that - though it still took another eight months (it’s a b*gger to diagnose).

I know it wasn’t the ideal path to diagnosis, but it was certainly a case of: “the truth will out”, and as soon as there was something more drastic to go on, everything fell into place quite quickly.



Hey Mandy, How are yer ? Ditto Tina really. I was going to Docs for ages with symptoms, went on for a while, but got there eventually. I guess if you go to your family doc with numb face / arm etc, m.s. isn’t high on the list…hang in there. Think positive. Take care, Andy