how rude is ms?

well just in time for christmas, my ms is being a pig!

my leg gave way and i nearly fell.

then as i was walking to the kitchen i realised that my foot wasn’t lifting.

i had foot drop early on in my ms and worked really hard to get it under control.

i just don’t feel up to going through all that again.

so it really is being a pig!

carole x

Hi Carole, lets hope this is a very temporary thing, foot drop always my fear as I usually trip up and land flat on my face (one incident dec 2012- ended up with black eye for xmas!!). Keep safe and have a great Christmas. Cherry x

Hi Carole, are you sure it’s not just stress of Christmas? I know you said the other day that you’d found your Christmas spirit, but there’s so much emphasis these days on everything having to be perfect, and that if it wasn’t, you’d be some kind of failure.

I’m sure it’s a tiny bit stressful, even for people who like it, and you know how good stress is for MS.

I may be wrong, but I’d hazard a guess it’s no coincidence MS starts “being a pig” for a lot of people, this time of year. Of course, it doesn’t help that we’re in the depths of winter too, so a long time since most of us got any natural vitamin D fix.

Touch wood, I haven’t had a “proper” relapse for years - most of those I did have were before diagnosis, not afterwards. BUT, those I had were all between October and March, and most commonly right after Christmas! “Go figure!” as the Americans say. I reckon I used to get wound-up over Christmas (still do) AND I was short of vitamin D. Put the two together, and what do you get?



Hi Carole

Sorry to hear your ms is being a pig. I have never had foot drop, it must be awful.

Mine has been a load of poop too for weeks now. I’m off too my daughter’s today for a three course Christmas meal this evening. I can’t wait to see my two children but food is of no interest to me at the moment

It’s time’s like tonight, I could do with a dog under the table

Try and take it easy carole.

MS is a bummer.


Sorry to hear your struggling its probable all the extra stress of Christmas is tell you to slow down. XXX Have a good one



my feet are back to normal now.


i’m not stressed about christmas, in fact i love this new minimalist way of doing it.

be well everyone and enjoy the festivities as much as you can.

carole x