How quick do symptos start?

Hi guys, I know this is a “how long is a piece of string excersise”

But usually, how quickly do symptoms progress?

Mine have all come on within two weeks, and although not severe, are not mild either. (only other symptoms was POTENTIALLY optic neuritis, around two/three months ago, which felt more like eye strain)

I certainly know this “limboland” theory!

hi andy

i started off with tingling right foot, not a big problem i was given thiamine tablets and it went away. (jan 2008)

it came back and also in left foot.

i started being clumsy and cutting myself, burning my hands etc.

saw a neuro and had MRI.

lots of small fairly insignificant things like buzzing and burning.

my neuro told me it pointed almost certainly to ms and i was to have a lumbar puncture in late sept.

meanwhile i booked a holiday to greece in august.

blinkin eck! the heat made me go really loopy. the town we were in was very hilly and one day i set off to the shop to buy a watermelon - i got lost! was staggering up the hill lugging a great big, heavy watermelon. almost in tears by the time i found the hotel.

it didnt stop when we got home because i’d got drop foot but didnt know it until i fell landing on my face.

then fell again and broke my big toe.

so october (the week before my 50th birthday) i got my diagnosis.

symptoms settled down and i had 4 fairly good years.

this year i relapsed in march and i’ve not quite recovered.

my advice is avoid getting too hot!!!

carole x

Hi Andy

Mine started with a weird sensation in the tips of my fingers then over a period of around 2 weeks I went numb from my waist down, although I could still function normally. That was in April 2013 and was my 2nd relapse (I’d had l’hermittes sign & pins & needles 7 years earlier whilst pregnant & a neurologist put it down to hormones). Since then I’ve been relatively good & it has taken over a year for some of the symptoms (like tremor) to go.

So I suppose in terms of progression, my symptoms have been very slow. I consider myself very lucky, to date.

I hope your symptoms start to ease soon

jane x