Relapse or Progression

Back in 2000 I had optic neuritis various tests, diagnosed with MS in 2001 Benign for a few years then slowly progressed sped up at stressful times in life, divorce, death of loved ones … I have never had relapses. 8 days ago I went abroad for a week it was at least 35 degrees C everyday I rested used my scooter but from day one it was like I had a relapse. I feel like I have a nerve block in one hand and arm, but it hurts so much too, my legs and feet are wobbly, painful and shaking. I can only just take a few steps holding onto things. I normally support lots of friends with MS but now I am really really scared. The speed of the onset … Is this progression? So now I am back home and have not rushed to speak to either the pain team or the MS nurses at the Walton Center at Liverpool because I know I can email … But what now, the pain is so horrendous

I would seriously go get checked out. Its so easy to blame everything on MS but it could be something completely different.

Good luck

Hope you feel better soon

Thank you Seems very good advice been feeling hot and cold today, just checked my temperature which is normal, it’s the only thing which is. Thanks again x