how much vitamin D?

What does Vitamin D is recommended for M.S or is there a range

and where is the cheapest place to get it

have a good day all


A lot of people (including some neuros and MS nurses) recommend 5,000iu a day. Ideally, you should get a blood test fairly regularly to check you are taking enough. There’s some debate about what levels we should aim for, but it is WAY more than the levels that the NHS recommend!

Check out the vitamind3uk and vitamindcouncil websites for info.

Remember that it is D3 that you need to supplement with, not D or D2.

Prices vary massively, but you can get Healthy Origins D3 5,000iu x 360 capsules on amazon for about £12 or so. Also check ebay - sometimes there are deals. (Obviously other brands are available too.)


Karen x

Your levels should be between 150/225 nmols.