Noise is being made with regard to what ought to be the recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin D. Some would say that the current advice of 600 - 700 IU per day is about 10% of what it should be!

Given that it is thought that MS’ers have an even greater need for vit D than ‘normal people’, this could hold some significance to some of us…

Some would say i was pushing the limits of sanity by eating 4000 IU daily; but recent suggestions would have non-MSers taking 7000IU as a standard dietary supplement!

Here follows a link to a non-tabloid, credible news resource, not one provided by an Investment service / trojan virus / Nigerian bank scam…

interesting stuff paolo,

i’m really starting to rattle here!

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I read about that on another article and thought I’m OK to keep taking the 8000IU I was taking anyway and be able to prove to my neuro that its ok to take that much and that I should be :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s difficult. People in locations where the winters are longer and there is less sunlight will obviously need more supplementation than those who live in brighter, sunnier locations.

Huffington Post isn’t disreputable, however I would prefer to see clinical research carried out into Vitamin D. There’s just not funding for that kind of thing, because drug companies aren’t going to make money from selling it.

article I read :slight_smile:

I was told to take 1,000 - 2,000 units a day which I did, next time I had a blood test I asked if I could get my levels checked as a lot of people here seemed to be taking far higher levels… so, I was a bit shocked when I found out my Vit D levels were too high! Discussed with my MS nurse and agreed cut back to 1,000 units a day.

It seems that it’s worth checking it out before taking too much

Sonia x

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l take 10,000ius daily - and have my levels checked every 6 months by CityAssays B/ham it is a postal service and very is just a blood spot test. Easily done. They will email you the results.

The recommended level for us is 150/225nmols. My levels have never risen above 98nmols. l did read in Pathways magazine that the best way to take Vitd3 is a mouth spray that is absorbed straight away into the bloodstream - whereas the tablets/capsules only 10% is absorbed.

l did take 20,000 daily for about 18months to get my levels - which were non-existant when tested - up to a better level. l don’t think the test that the GP does is very comprehensive - l think they add the D2 levels to the D3.

Dont forget that 20mins exposure to bright sunshine works out at 20.000ius of vitd3.

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Someone please help me …I think I need clarification.

I was always under the impression that us MSers need to keep tabs on their levels of Vitamin D3 (…as spacejacket implies) NOT plain ol’ vitamin D.

Is my understanding correct or not? (My Neuro only ever talked about possibly needing D3 supplementation).



The earliest studies show that Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 are equal in efficacy of introducing the active compound, calcitriol, into the body.

The full study is available, should you wish to read it yourself:

Later studies showed that D3 slightly outperforms D2.

In any case, D3 is more commercially available and the studies show that it works in achieving what’s required of it