How MS affects my day

To day I thought I would write a post about how MS affects my day… It might make an interesting read to tell everyone what it takes to get me through the day, starting from first thing in the morning ; the help I need and get from my Husband and the tools and equipment I couldn’t do without. Read more



Brilliant blog (as usual) and whilst helping you by writing, you are also giving ‘Joe Public’ a real insight into what living with MS can be like, so thank you (and your sister) for all your hard work.

Well done.

Pam x

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Hello AL.

Daily routines are the corner stone of our waking hours. I think if you just get on with them and not read too much into the need for them and how ones spontaneity may be limited by them, they are a real help to coping with the great MS beast. The dedication of a loving partner helps as well. Like you I’m very lucky in that respect. I try to get out the house at least once a week. Even though it may be a struggle, you can’t beat the sense of achievement or satisfaction when you get back in and are back in your favourite chair with a steaming hot cup of tea.

Thanks for the blog. I’ve always been a routine sort of person.

Best wishes, Steve.

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What a lovely relationship you have with your sister…you must miss her terribly. How wonderful things like face time and Skype are.

Great blog as always…I couldn’t cope without my routine…if the slightest thing goes out of sync it throws me for the rest of the day!

take care,

Nina x

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Hi thanks Pam,Steve and Nina for your comment, I very much appreciated them. Regards AL

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Really great blog AL. They are always good but I think they’re getting even better… and yes with the extra punctuation they read easier too!


Pat xx

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Hope you are feeling better after getting it all off your chest I know I do after writing stuff on my Promote Thanet or Disabled Don Blogs. Its sort of cathartic for me to pour my thoughts out. I to have been known to use infrequent punctuation much to the annoyance of the some of the thought police out there. One friend is so annoyed by my bad punctuation he emails me corrections which I put straight in my Recycle Bin