How Long For MRI

How long did it take everyone to hear about their mri and did you get a separate letter or was it at follow up? I’m not sure what will happen had mymri 33weeks ago and was asked if I had follow up (which I do) and was just told if neuro sees anything urgent I might get called sooner but not whether I’d hear in the meantime. Also does the head mri cover any eye nerve problems or is that separate? Axx

Ffs getting sick of this typing lark now lol. My mri was 3weeks ago not 33!! A

Hi A…

The head MRI does cover optical problems and I think it generally takes about 3-6 weeks to get called back for MRI feedback (obviously depends where you live I guess). I am sorry to say but I have never been copied into any letters from the Neuro, which I think is terrible, but I have found that their secretaries are generally great at giving feedback or chasing up appointments…

Good Luck

Troski x

My GP has told me to ring neuros secretary about 10 days after mri regarding getting results. i have never been copied into any letters between neuro and gp either.

i had mine ten days ago, contacted the secretary who was going to see if it was ready and leave it on neuro’s desk . Not heard anything yet. Not having a quick response does that mean there was nothing abnormal on the scan.

Thanks everyone. I have been copied in to my neuro letter to gp then the one to gp with blood results but must say blood results took 16 days to come back .

I had to wait 6 months to find out the results of my last mri. It felt like forever. In which time my own doctor knew i had ms and didnt tell me.

Really conniet!! I really thought they’d call you earlier if they found something. How wrong was I!! Axx

Thats terrible conniet! did they have an explanation as to why they left you in the dark for so long?

Usually takes anywhere between 2weeks and 2 months. Depending on demand/ how quick radiology are and neuro reviewing.

Hope you get something back soon. Certainly worth chasing the secretaries up over it.



The waiting is terrible. I can’t believe how long the waits are from what I’ve been reading. It makes me feel equally guilty and extremely lucky, that I saw a neuro last Thursday, had an mri on Friday, and see a neuro for the results later this week. Am just waiting for the secretary to get back to me with an appointment time. I feel awful saying that this is through private healthcare. I used to have private healthcare with work, but myself and my husband kept it on ourselves when we changed jobs. It costs a fortune, but I know it’s now worth it.

I hope you chase them up and get the results ASAP x

Well phoned up and secretary not in until tomorrow. Also tried to change follow up appt at eye hospital I have following eye pain and blurring a month ago as I work the day its on and got told that type of clinic only held on that day! ! Ay what type? ! Never got told cause just no structural problem seen so off to get copy of letter from gp Ax

Hi there I know the waiting for results is agonising. I called up my drs to see if they had heard anything. They chased up the mri people for a written report which was faxed over to them. I then rang the drs back up after the weekend as I spoke to them on the Friday. The written report did not go into much detail so the dr told me, she said there was some abnormalities but was unsure what they were but reasured me it was not cancerous. I then rang the hospital and spoke to the secretary stating I knew there was something wrong with the scans and I was not prepared to wait until my appointment which was about a 2 month wait at that time and could she get me in earlier as my consultant wanted to see me before my appointment time anyway. I duly got said appointment and then I was told I had MS. So my real advice to you is to just keep chasing and annoying your drs and the staff at the hospital until you get seen. I hope you receive good news. xxx

Thanks I will do am going to try again tomorrow. Got my eye letter said all ok except slight reduced colour vision rt eye (the one with pain and blurring) with deep cupping to optic disc. Axx

Reduced colour vision in one eye - do you have most of your symptoms that side of your body too? I have reduced colour vision in left eye and majority left sided symptoms xx

Yep nearly all my symptoms rt side the only exception to this being my left big and second toe are numb. Axx

Ooooh. Keep me posted. i saw an orthoptist at hospital last week after being referred by optician. She says i need to see the dr but it will be about 6 weeks. I went about double vision. I have to read/text/etc with one eye shut. i am a medical marvel.

Ha ha so do I! I have prisms in my glasses to correct it without I have to shut 1 eye or knock my head right back Axx

I had the prisms. They helped (i work in an office) but been on maternity leave since June so not used them. Optician (different company to the 1 who gave me the glasses) said he would not recommend them as my eyes will get worse. Orthoptist said the same… all very odd. Not sure what to think when you have professionals contradicting eachother. Will see what the eye dr says…

I got told that the more prism you give your eye the more it’ll want and for the last 8yrs had a very small prism of 1 in rt eye to help where I’d have trouble focusing when I looked from near to far or back until this summer when it was permanent double and prism went to 3 but both eyes now Axx