How long did u have to wait to receive ur pension once u were medically retired from work and how mad did the process make u?

Hi…I applied for and had IHR approved in sept. I worked for NHS and have being accepted for Tier 2…all good…however my tale is as follows. Off sick from end of April.Told my manager first week of may that I was taking IHR(expected) and to initiate process he would have to refer me to…no bother…two months later despite weekly requests by me(via phone or text) I still had not being referred to OH, (manager unbelievably preoccupied with himself), I had to ring my former manager(an assistant director) and explain what was happening. She rightly thought ridiculous, within theday my manager had referred me to OH. I was assessed by them at end of July as unfit for work…fair enough.Despite follow up phonecalls nothing happened, no-one could give me dates etc. Then on 22\9 I received a letter stating that my employment was terminated on 9\9 and thanking me for my service(23 years). I rang salaries and wages…they had not being informed by HR of my contract being terminated…they had to use my entitled holiday monies to make my sept y up. Meanwhile, as I have no figures or expected dates to work with I cannot apply for ESA,any benefits, have no pension, no wages,cannot go to bank to apply for a bridging loan . Presently we have had to move money from from our savings to my current account to cover mortgage etc and next month it is going to be our daughters’. We found a v.good named person in salaries and wages who is trying to speed up process. The delay has being caused by 2 things…despite having a desigated person in with my case, confusion in HR has arisen about who is actually dealing with me. It turns out that my former manager has held up the process by not signing or forwarding the required documentation… He now has after pressure to do so. To say am fuming is understatement… Should I go further with this.

hi rose

i understand your anger and frustration.

maybe write to your manager with the higher ups copied in.

say how disappointed you are with the way it has been handled.

explain how it has left you financially bereft and you can’t even apply for the benefits that you are entitled to,

its not surprising that people get sick when managers behave like this.

stress is a killer. (so ditch the stress)

good luck

carole x

Yes you should definitely take this further. My retirement started approx the same time as yours, fortunately for me mine is going smoothly.

I don’t know what you can do to speed things up, were you in a Union? If so you could speak to them for them to chase things up on your behalf. Go to Citizens Advice they may be abe to help, I believe there is some kind of emergency loan you could apply for from Social Services, citizens advice would be able to point you in the right direction.

All this stress will be having a detrimental affect on your MS perhaps your GP will give you something to help with the stress all this is putting on you. I hope you get things sorted out soon, It is disgraceful that your employers have put you through this anxiety.

Best wishes.

Jan x

Hiya Rose

I retired through ill health from the NHS aged 51 in Aug 2012 and it all went smoothly for me.

The process started in May 2012 when my line manager completed her part of form AW33E and then forwarded it to me to complete my bit, then it was emailed off to HR to do their bit. I was awarded tier 2 in the same month and my employment was terminated on the 28th May 2012 then the money was paid into my account in the August. I received 10 weeks pay up front though to cover the time between 28th May and August.

I would definitely send an email to all parties concerned finding out what has gone on.

Good luck and pm me if you need any more info.

Shazzie xx

Hi Rose,

I’m an NHS ill-health early retirement person …hello Shazzie :-)…

I had ups and downs getting mine, management, OH and HR in particular dragging their feet and it was my RCN Union Rep who was my hero, she was my link between all the relevant folk and she knew all the rules and regulations and got me sorted.

So my advice would be to get your Union involved, takes the pressure off you, you don’t need the stress and gives some authority and clout to your case.

Good luck



Hi Jools. Hope you are feeling happier now things are sorted :slight_smile: xx

Hi Shazzie,

Getting into my new life now, grabbing the rough with the smooth…like us all!!