I'll health retirement

Hi, I have been to see OH today, and whilst they are putting me forward for ill health retirement, my last neuro report is not very favourable? This is due to me not accepting or telling him the truth! The thing is I need this as I can’t function at work anymore(been off since Sept) When in fact I can’t walk unaided, for more than 30yards. I feel this is going to go against me. Any ideas? Thank you x

I have sent you a pm

Judy x

Hello Sheila, I’ve just done the retirement through ill health thing. In my case, Kent County Council OH were the main instigators of the process. I’m not sure if my neurologist was even contacted. They had a GP report, a report from the boss and their own assessments after Access to Work had proposed a shedload of equipment that would have been impossible to manage. Just tell th OH exactly how it is-especially when you’re at your worst. I’ve had a significant drop in income but the release of work pressure has made up for it.

All the best, Steve.

Sorry I’m a bit simple lol can u explain what I’ll health retirement is ?would it mean u get your pension early ?

Thank you Steve x

Cloey, yes it basically means you claim your pension earlier than you would have normally (I think lol) x

Just to clarify - early drawing pension is only of a private scheme if you pay into one, not your state pension. You can only claim your state pension at retirement age regardless of illness or disability. You would claim Employment Support Allowance if you were still of working age. (if not working ability!)

Ill health retirement pension is defined in your contract of employment. Some lucky people draw the pension they would have received if they had worked to 65. Mine was pro rata on years worked. As I retired when I was 40 and had only worked 20 years it is significantly less than I would have got. Not complaining though because I have been drawing it a LONG time.


Jane there is a lot I don’t understand as well. I work in a school, so only work 38 weeks of the year, although I am paid pro rata. Been there 16 yrs, I’m 47. I’ll have to wait to see if they say yes to ill health retirement? People tell me as it’s the borough council, they are quite good at giving the go ahead, but If not I suppose I could claim ESA, yes??? Thank you

You may be able to claim both depending how much your pension is. I can’t remember the exact figures but I think for every £1 of pension over £85 a week your contribution based ESA is reduced by 50p. I get my teachers pension and £14 a week ESA. Every penny is always useful!

Sarah x

It’s worth claiming even if your pension is over the £85 per week as you will be credited with NI contributions that count towards your state pension. My local government pension is too high to get any money for ESA but I have gotten 2 years of NI contributions credited so far.


So I am 33 and work / worked on a farm ( still employed but haven’t worked since June 2012 haven’t earnt a wage since nov 2012 )I think they was looking at retrieing me due to ill health I have paid into my pension for 14 years do I get what my pension would be now or what it would have been had I worked to 65 ? I’m all confused :frowning:

It all depends on your pension provider. Mine paid pro rata (for years worked) but they are not all the same. Some pay an enhancement (add a few years on) and some pay as though you had retired at the normal age. You need to find this information from your employer –they will tell you who to contact.

According to your dates November was when your SSP ran out and your employer stopped paying you. They should have sent you a SSP1 (I think that’s the right name) to allow you to claim Employment Support Allowance. Ring DWP and explain that you have not been paid since Nov 12 and they will get the ball rolling.

If it is all too much for you to cope with – go to your local CAB and they will walk you through what you need to do. (They won’t give pension advice but will help you with the benefit aspect)


Thanks Jane I have sorted all the ESA stuff now just trying to get my head round what’s gonna happen about my employment now don’t understand all this ill health retirement or the other ways there is of terminating contract especially when all I want to do is go back to work :frowning:

Hi everyone…I have requested medical retirement from work. I work for have worked for BT for 24 yrs and I’m 44 now. Just wondering, is there a difference between ill health retirement and medical retirement? I keep being told that medical retirement is a long drawn out process with my employer, I put the request in a couple of months ago, I guess I’ll still be waiting for an answer in 12 months time! Lisa x

Hi Lisa, I dont think there is a difference. I worked for the local authority and it was they who offered me ill health retirement.

This subject was posted about recently, and there was someone who also applied for IHR.

I didnt realise you can apply for it. It depends on your employers rules.

I went on the sick for 8 months…so yeh, it does take a while.

Good luck with whatever happens.

luv Pollx

Hi Lisa It depends on your pension schemes rules. Have you seen them because they may quote timescales. Obviously it is beneficial for your employer to string things out for as long as possible because most people’s sick pay decreases the longer they are off work (assuming that you are) There is the Pensions Advisory Service (I just googled it) who may be able to tell you what is an unreasonable time to have to wait for it to be resolved because they certainly deal with disputes in general in this area. Claire x

I’ve just noticed on their website that they are doing a live q and a session on line starting in 20 mins! X


I retired through ill health last year at the age of 51. I teleponed my neuro to let him know that things had got so bad at work even though all adaptations had been made and I had regular contact with Atos and OH at work. I know my GP was contacted and she was asked to forward a report but my neuro has never mentioned it so I don’t think he was contacted.

I hope you get the help you need to get you through this thing and that the outcome is a good one for you.

Please PM me if you need any more info.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Thanks everyone. Well first day back in today and have been told that my request has been refused on the basis that they need to offer more support first. I have seen the OHS, access to work etc and when I have been off for long periods of sick I’ve returned on reduced hours but have never made it back to my full hours before going off again. My old job was sent offshore a couple of years ago I was placed in to a call centre. I deal with billing and bereavement calls so as ou can imagine, no-one is happy about receiving a bill and rings to say thank you and when you speak to a person that’s just lost a loved one it can be very emotional and so my job comes with lots of stress. This in turn triggers my symptoms/relapses and I end up off sick again. My point to work is that no amount of new desks, keyboards etc is going to change the stress that my job causes. I have asked for alternative offline work but am told that there isn’t any…I feel cornered. Lisa x

Does your GP, neurologist or MS nurse support you in your application? And have you seen an occupational health doctor- if so,what did he/she say? Claire x

To be honest Claire I’m starting to doubt that my manager ever made my request formal and that even got as far as contacting my MS nurse or consultant. I’m asking for clarification on that at the moment and I have an appointment with my nurse & consultant next Tuesday so I’m going to see if they will put something n writing to my employer. I am currently waiting for another OHS appointment to come through but I have seen them before. I’m also seeing access to work next Wednesday, again for the 2nd time t see if there’s anytng else that they can help me with. I think tha I’m my own worst enemy sometimes as I try to be positive and when I’m asked if I’m okay I say yes and I say how I feel n a good day instead of telling them how I feel on a bad day. Lisa x