Ill Health Retirement

I want to retire. I appear to be the only person who actually wants to do it and is not fighting to keep a job. I work part time as a secretary, and, although the “work” is not taxing in the slightest, it has got to the stage where it’s too much. I was widowed a couple of years ago and I’m finding it a real struggle doing everything by myself, so something has to give. I realise that financially, things will be tight - I’ve been in this job for 5 years, and I have contributed to my pension all that time, but I am under no illusions, I know it will be tiny (I’m also a bit young to be doing this, I’m 37). An OH Dr has done a phone interview, and she is coming to see me at work on Tuesday for a box-ticking exercise - she has to establish if there are any reasonable adjustments that can be made. She suggested that I take some sick leave to see if I improve any (I’m in week 8 of a relapse), so I took a week - shocked and stunned (not) that I still feel the same. I’ve done everything she suggested, and I already know that Tuesday is not going to be a good MS day. How much longer can they spin this out for?

Luisa x

Do you get paid sick leave - would it be worth taking this entitlement first? This would also increase your pension pot a bit aswell. I know it prolongs things but financially it may be a good option

I doubt that you would get ill health retirement if you haven’t been off on long term sick leave first. Is your GP supportive?

The impression I get is that they are being helpful inasmuch as they will check to see if ‘reasonable adjustments’ can be made.

Do you know how much your pension will amolunt to?

Thanks guys - I do get paid sick leave, but I need the whole thing to be finished, and to be off sick for however long is not going to put that much money into the pension pot. I have asked for pension figures, but they haven’t given them to me yet. I haven’t discussed it with my GP - I’ve only been registered with my current practice for a year, and haved only been there a few times - I haven’t seen the same doctor twice. My MS nurse knows about it though, and she is supportive.

I’m also planning to apply for a council house, in one of the more popular areas (typical, but that’s where my support network is, and the area is ideal), so if I’m retired, I think that will boost my application.

I’ll see what Tuesday brings,

L x