Ill Health Retirement


Well, after having to take a week’s annual leave to recharge, and doing some really big thinking, I decided to ask my HR dept how I go about taking ill health retirement. I only work 16 hours a week, and the job isn’t that taxing (I’m a secretary), but it exhausts me, and I think that a line has to be drawn.

The lovely lady in HR explained that I will be referred to Occupational Health who assess me and then they make a recommendation to the pension provider. I haven’t had my OH appointment through yet (I’ll chase it up tomorrow), and I was wondering how long this process has taken for other people? I’d imagine that every company will be different.

Not sure how I feel about this yet, I’ll be a pensioner at the grand old age of 37 - I’ve worked since I was 16, I had a part-time job when I was at school and college, and since then I’ve worked full-time until about 2 years ago - if I’ve ever been between jobs, I’ve been an office temp. Not working will be strange.

Luisa x

You will be surprised how quickly you adapt to retirement and just like a vacuum, plenty of other stuff will nip in to fill the space left. I took the view that I would be far better off using what energy I had to maintain my condition, which is something I could never contemplate working full time. Using a gym four days per week has definitely kept my bits moving nicely and I still have time for few decent lunches too.

Being in control of your life is quite liberating and you won’t regret it for a moment.

I am 44 and my works are telling me they can no longer make adjustments and they want to retire me.I know it would be a losing battle to complain and am allowing the process to go through.

It has now been ongoing since Oct 11 and I am no nearer it being resolved, because of the length of time diagnosis takes and then waiting for consultants to comunicate with OH,it just drags on and on.

I dont know if this is standard but my sick pay ends April and no amount of chasing seems to help speed the process.

I guess if you are already diagnosed it will be much quicker.

All the best, and when you do see OH have contact details of everyone you see so they know exactly how to contact your consultants/ms nurse.


Hi Luisa,

I think I might be on my way out workwise, too - although, ironically, not for health reasons. Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they? But isn’t it awfully strange, that, after more than ten years in a steady post, less than two years after diagnosis, I’m suddenly surplus to requirements?

I’m not going to go without a fight: I’ve calculated they won’t be able to eject me until at least July, and there’s a chance I might be able to string it out past that.

But part of me thinks it might make a difficult decision for me. Left to my own devices, I’ll probably struggle on until I literally die in harness, which will leave no energy for anything else in life. Perhaps this is Fate’s way of telling me I have to stop?


I Finished work today!!. very mixed feelings (im only 39) I work for my self and am very pro-active always looking for new customers and now to be faced with no customers/that buzz of working im not sure how ill cope. but i just cant keep up physically with deadlines- so im going back a step and making quilts again but this time not to order- if i sell one ive made i make another one- no preasure. I think im going to be fine but will take it one day at a time- good luck with your decision - the only person who knows its right for you is you. mine has come after a huge investment in a machine ive worked on for 6 months- because i was to stubbourn to give in- had another relapse and instead of taking it down a notch work wise i piled more work and preasure on top to try and pretend my ms wasnt happening. luckly a close friend is taking on my machine so financially it will be fine- i hope

good luck


Thanks for your replies folks - I’m still working, and not on sick pay, so there is no deadline as such for me. I’m sure I will find ways of filling my time - I make jewellery out of beads, hopefully I’ll be able to generate some pocket money by selling some of it. Between the jewellery making, housework and looking after my dog and cats, I’m sure I’ll be kept occupied.

Tina, I have seen your posts about your job, and I think I understand where you are coming from, but I also think that you have to draw a line before your quality of life after work is compromised.

I’m on my own, so once I find out what sort of pension I’ll get (don’t think it’ll be much, I’ve only been there 6 years), I can apply for more benefits, and once I actually retire, perhaps a council house instead of renting privately - I like my current house, but the rent is quite a lot. The biggest worry is the money - not earning a salary is going to be quite scary.

L x

Good luck with your health retirement plan Luisa. I hope everything goes well for you.

xx Maria.