Ill health retirement

I have come to the momentous decision to apply for IHR. I’m in the middle of a relapse and am convinced that my job is making my illness worse. I have already had a report from my consultant saying that he would support me in an application and an occupational therapist and psychologist instructed by my employers in relation to a dispute over reasonable adjustments also referred to it as a possibility. I think an occupational health doctor would also support me as all health professionals I’ve so far gone to at the request of my employers have been sympathetic. I don’t see how anyone can deny that my condition is permanent - I wish! Just a bit nervous about being refused and what the way ahead would be then and any general pitfalls,etc. Does anyone have any experience of this/ advice Thanks Claire

Hi Claire I am just about to start going through this too Xx

We may have to compare notes as I’m also a civil servant x

I think my first tip would be, get the union involved and get union representation. That’s as far as I’ve got. My manager and HR are coming out in three weeks time to discuss sickness policy with me. I’ve been off for seven months now. Are you in LGPS ? Xx

I’ve already had the union involved in a dispute over reasonable adjustments and it was during the course of that that the various reports were obtained. I’m in the FDA xx

Sorry, I meant, are you in a Local Goverment Pension Scheme ?

No, civil service classic pension scheme

Hi Claire,

Contact the free Government run pension advisory service they will be able to give you good advice even give you a quote of your state pension when you reach retirement age. Mind you I believe it is going to be £148 PW in 2016 for everyone except like me you reach retirement age before 2016.


Hi, have the rules changed since I went on IHR?

I worked for the local authority (15 yrs). I was on long term sick (8 months) when my manager contacted me to talk about IHR. I had seen a doc of their choosing, who said I was not fit for the job I was employed.

Personnel came to see me with my manager and i was told they had no vacanies to suit me better.

I was asked if I wanted to wait a further 4 months and see if any vacancies came up, or did I want to retire then? I chose the latter. This was in 2000.

My point is this;

do you not have to wait until HR tell you about IHR, or can you now apply for it? we couldnt do it that way round back then? Just wondering out of curiosity.

Good luck when it happens.

luv Pollx

Certainly being in the same situation, I was under the impression that HR have to have exhausted all other options and then obtain an occi health report and wait to see if that recommends IHR before it is even considered.

I also heard a horror story recently, about someone who applied, against the companies policy, for IHR and it was refused. Because he had applied himself his employment was terminated and he was given a small severance payment. Having checked this out, I can confirm that it is lawful.

All I can say is that in the civil service the employee can apply for it and/ or the employer can suggest it (and indeed HAS to before they can start proceedings for dismissal for under performing due to ill health or disability) All schemes are different I believe

Fair cop!

luv Pollx

Hello Claire,

I’ve just done IHR from teaching. OH declared me unfit and I was then assessed by Access to Work who proposed an impossible number of adjustments (bless them). I then explained by letter the specific reasons why the adjustments fell short of all my needs-I mean, the toilet issues alone! (No need to say any more about that!) There were lots of forms to fill in but by getting the OH and doctor on my side it went through. It is very helpful if you make a clear list of all you worst case scenario symptoms and triggers together with their impact on your well being in relation to doing your job. I was very specific about individual tasks. Even the doctor was appreciative of my list! The union were great at explaining the processes but they could not back my claim without their own medical procedures-they were not prepared to do that because they said the OH and medics could do that already. (Which was true!)

The best of luck-I’ve had my sanity returned to me. It’s also helped to put everything into proportion.

Cheers, Steve.

Hi Steve That’s helpful. I too am a civil servant and my line manager is coming out on the 25th together with HR. what in your experience should I be saying / doing ?

Thanks Steve. Mrs H - there is some very useful information on line. If you google ’ early ill health retirement civil service’ you will find various guides for members depending on which pension scheme you’re in. Claire x

Ok, will do. Thanks Claire. Getting a bit anxious about it all.

In fact I’ve just remembered that you said that you’re in the LGPS so google that and you’ll find a clear explanation of what the criteria is - I’ve just looked for you! And if I was more computer literate I’d send you the link! X

Thanks Claire. I looked and it really didn’t say much except the tiering system. I rang their advise line and they basically re-iterated. I’m kinda of ok with the whole pension thing because I’ve run out of choices and hope, having been off for seven months. The bit I’m getting anxious about is the whole process leading up to it !! Xx

Hello Claire and Mrs H,

On the MS website are some excellent classifications and details of symptoms. These can help compile an accurate hard hitting list to present. Don’t forget any issues with dealing with mental affectations such as short term memory and sustained focus. It would also help to give as much detail about the aspects of your job which are affected in any way. In this respect both your job description and anything the union might define as edging towards the unreasonable would help get your head around presenting your case. I used specific sub titles as defined on th MS website. Then some time after writing everything down I reviewed and editted it-very teacher like! If you want I can send what I wrote via pm or email-it won’t be the same symptoms but it might help.

Best wishes, Steve