ill health retirement request - 6 months ago


Back at end September I was offered ill health retirement by the LA I had worked for for the last 26 years but the process is so slow

6 months have passed but I’ve heard nothing about my pension

I met with my Manager today and she told me that they will pay me up to end March as that takes me to 6 months but then want to end my employment contract by paying me any owed holiday money and 4 or 12 (she wasn’t sure) weeks of salary in lieu of notice

Following which they will not be required to pay any further sick pay

She assured me that the Pension company had been asked to send me my Pension statement but this hasn’t happened

Does anyone have any ideas of what i can do to speed things up with my pension? I suggested contacting myself but was told it could delay things as they are dealing directly with the Council

Thanks Sue x

Contact who will sort it free and quickly


Thanks George - that’s great I’ll contact them

Sue x

Hi Sue

I’ve PM’d you.

H xx