How long between?

Hi all,

This is a poo question I’m afraid. Constipation strikes again and my question is; how long are you personally happy to go between poos before getting concerned that it is too long? Sometimes I can wait 5 - 6 days before large amounts of prune juice and/or Movacol get things moving and it is becoming a bit of a cycle. Do you start to worry about how long its been since you last ‘went’?

Don’t you just love talking about poo, but how good it is that we can here.

Hilary x

My last relapse i didnt go for over a week, but when i did… well you can imagine. I’m not sure how often i used to go before ms. but now can be every other day or up to 5 days. I do worry but its just one of them things, just wish i had more of a warning or be better at holding it in.

Yes atleast we can vent fecal frustration here…

i used to go every morning but since ms started F***ing about with my nerves, i can go up to a week.

at the moment i’m on a week and a half - not good. started taking movicol again.

carole x

I did not realise that this was a symntom - I must keep remembering the Lactolose.

I had a phase of going 5 or 6 days between movements, so to speak. My physio checked on the internet and said that up to 5 days can be normal. But I was obviously constipated (tiny little rabbit droppings, straining even to get those out, feeling uncomfortable). Now I take a tablespoon of split linseeds with most meals (not if I’m eating out) and am fine generally - go every day or every other day, don’t strain, good consistency. Gets worse if I get slack about taking the linseed, but also if I eat too many sweet things - my bowel doesn’t react well to sugar.

I don’t think linseed works for everyone - it’s quite a mild remedy I think. On the other hand, people take it anyway because they believe it is beneficial for their MS (I only found this out from reading other threads on here - had it recommended as a cure for constipation separately). So you could try it for both.

Hi, I know where youre coming from hun! I am always suffering with constipation or too loose bowels. I get a rare few days of going normally` now and then.

I do find that fresh figs with my brekkie can help…but not always!

I also use movicols.A few months back, I was talking to other forum members about Peristeen.

It`s a self evacuation system, which many use here. I did ask my GP and she was very against me doing it. Instead she got the district nurses to come in and give me a small enema, if I dont go for more than a few days.

It is an on-going problem, I`m afraid.

So in answer to your question re what`s normal for you?

Dont chuffin` know!


My bowels rule my life honest its so sad .i have constipation not hard stools but cant get them out and suffer incontinence…right now ive got water coming out so may have impsction again…movicol affects my bladder…peristeen affects my bladder…tried evety known laxative…going to see specialisr to discuss colostomy as in agony with my bowels all the time…if my bladder and bowels worked i would be so happy…do you take laxatives etc everyday?..maybe a stool siftner every nigjt…milk of magnesia has just come back on the shelves could try that maybe or high dose lactulose…but again if movicol prune juice work stick to thst…we are all different some go few times a day some once a week…if in pain or gets longer maybe seek help

hi peeps,

I think one of the most debilitating symptoms of MS is bowel control, or lack of. at one end of the spectrum is the discomfort and general feelings of malaise associated with constipation and at the other end a lack of control and feelings of uncertainty that the bowels may decide to ’ explode’ at the most inconvenient time. I have found linseeds taken regularly are excellent for preventing constipation, however, I have found they can on occasions give you less control and you may be more likely to have the odd unfortunate ‘accident’. By far the best advice I ever had was have 2 Weetabix for breakfast every morning, I also add a large spoon of plain yoghurt and a couple of prunes if Necessary.

Good luck


Thank you for all your replies and tips. I suppose I’m worrying about how long you can safely leave it without opening your bowels. I usually try to and succeed to get things moving after 5 or 6 days, but how long is too long, a week? Two weeks? Longer?

Hilary x

It’s what’s normal for you Hilary. Some people go 1-2 times daily others go once a week and its normal for them. If your pattern changes and is causing a problem I.e you are leaking or passing hard rabbit like stools then you are probably constipated. Lactulose won’t help until the bowel is cleared. For most of us the bowel becomes sluggish and we don’t get the signal to go so there is a back log of poo up the colon. The large bowel absorbs water but when there is a back log It can’t do it’s job and the fluid leaks out around the solid hard faeces leading to leakage and people thinking they have diarrhoea. I have found its a matter of trial and error. High fibre cereals are good but you must drink plenty of water. If you are constipated A stimulant and softener are often prescribed together. I was on Movical but I just had no control of my bowels. However it works for a lot of people. Distinct nurses will give enemas if your rectum is full/impacted . Many trusts have incontince nurses who cover this and they are a great help in identifying what the problem is. Talk to your ms nurse or GP. I have a recipe for brown bread that is so easy and does not need needing that works for several people I know we all have this problem. I will post tomorrow as my hands are packing up!

I feel really sick with abdominal pain,and look pregnant if I dont try to empty twice a day using mini enemas.I take senna tabs x 2 every night,have a banana,handful of grapes,and 3 veg portions each day and drink loads.The incontinence adviser/ bowel and bladder specialist nurse is your best point of contact .Anitas bread sounds good,jacket potatoes and brown rice help too. i hope you get sorted,I cannot imagine going more than 24hrs without bowel movement.Lactulose never worked for me.