Yet again MS ruins things. Advice please

Hi all I have not been out in the evening for over 4 years. I’m supposed to be going out tonight all my friends will be there and they said they’ll look after me. I really couldn’t wait. However, I need to go for a poo. I’m really constipated and I can’t pass stools easily. I know if I go out tonight without going I’m just going to end up having incontinence and effectively shitting myself. I need to get this out before I go out tonight. Has anyone got any suggestions that could help me? I’ve got laxatives I’m going to take an absolutely chronic overdose today and hopefully it will do the trick before 7. As usual I’ll not be going out because of this AGAIN

Hi love, my heart goes out to you, I myself haven’t been out in an evening in nerly 13yrs, mines down to fatigue and all the symptoms I have, but I’m 60 now, diagnosed at 46yrs, so my dancing and clubing are over, although I would still like to socialise with friends and go for a meal…anyway sorry I’ve gone off on 1…so I take movicol daily to help empty my bowel, have you not been offered this, just thinging because maybe you need something on a more regular basis, might be worth asking about, I know it doesn’t help much with you situation now, but for future events…or why not ask you pharmasit for something ?

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So sorry to hear this. I hope you get to go out. I have had bowel problems all my life. With the MS it is worse. I swear by linseeds. A teaspoon every day. Sprinkled on whatever you are eating. Do not put them in water as I was advised to. They go like frogs spawn!! YUK. I have them on my cereal, on bread. I know this wont help now but it may in the future. You can buy linseeds in supermarkets. Good luck. Anne x

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I find that taking Movicol (eases transition) & Lactose (softens Bowel motions) gives me results!

I would take the required dose on the evening before… any event. Take provisions.

Have a great time!

Hi tingly!

I feel you`ve left it bit late…I too would be panicking if I hadnt been and was going out. My bowels rule me too…I take half a laxido (movicol) every morning. I find they work better than at night. If I am going somewhere I do worry about bowel accidents if I havent been.

Laxido is very gentle and you can take up to 8 for impaction. I havent taken more than 2 in a day. It doesnt make your bowel cramp like some laxatives do.

I get laxido on script, but it can be bought at Boots. Send someone for you and take 2…but be prepared…I hope you enjoy your evening.

I dont like going out at night. But I am going to see The Magic of Motown next month.

Bouds xxx