dynimite needed

Hi everyone I hope someone out ther can help me with a problem I have, I haven¨t founmd an over the counter medicine that c an help me shift my bowels without leaving an embarrasing leak problem

Has any one got a solution I have so many things wrong due to MS to solve this would be GREAT!!ª!!

Hi, this is a problem for me too. I go from being constipated, so i take extra movicol (laxido) then i get too loose. if only the happy medium times would stay longer.

i eat fresh figs and all bran to make me go too.

Ask you GP for a prescribed med, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Beatrice, It’s a horrid problem that I also get. I agree with Poll. See GP. There’s some good laxatives out there.

Also I try and eat fresh fruit… plums work well if you eat a few, as do tinned prunes. Figs also as Poll says. Porridge can get me going… and the best thing I find is a cup of really strong coffee in morning… not instant… get the real stuff!

If you can get a good laxative that gets you going, then try some of the other stuff, hopefully you can get it sorted.

Pat x

I must tell you what happened to me a few years ago when I had this problem. I was told fried onions were very good; I love onions but unfortunately as soon as I start peeling them I start uncontrollable crying.

Another person advised wearing goggles; great I thought but the only goggles I had had a snorkel attached. So the peeling went very well; no tears. There I was frying the onions with goggles and snorkel on but the heat must have melted the ball controlling the air in the snorkel; left me berting and hughing; gasping for air.

Moral: do not cook with a snorkel on.

I can without question state the best latest found superfood; POPCORN. So easily made; loads of fibre plus other good nutrients and not fattening. http://health.yahoo.net/experts/losingitwithliz/popcorn-superfood


George that’s such good news for me. I love popcorn but thought it was fattening!

Thanks for that,

Pat x

If you buy that popcorn in the cinema; yuk! Make your own easy.

George - I now have a wonderful picture of you in my head, cooking onions with a snorkel on! It’s fab, thanks for that. Teresa xx

Like Polly said I too am on movicol as perscribed by my GP I take one sachet mixed with water before I go to bed and that seems to do the trick. Speak to your GP and see what they can do./