How do you spend your PIP money?

If you receive the enhanced rate for the mobility and care component of PIP, I was curious, if you don’t mind sharing, how do you spend insure PIP allowance every month?

As I understand it, we shouldn’t save any of it up as it will then reduce the benefit we get from universal credits, (so I don’t have any savings)

Me personally I use it on taxi rides, gym membership, and excursions but I don’t need to pay for carers as it is currently covered by NHS England.

Hi, my PIP helps me keep my car on the road…I dont want a mobility car.
PIP also helps with heating the house…laundry costs…electricity costs for charging my wheelchair, recliner, bed and hoists.

If there are other disability related expenses, I may have to save for them.


Mine goes on Motability payments, fortnightly physio and fortnightly help with housework. None left to save!