I was medically retired in feb 2013 but am wondering if anybody knows how I will be fixed with the new PIP. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Kazza, are you on DLA? I’m assuming not.

The best possible thing you can do is join a website called 'Benefits and Work. It costs about £20 for an annual membership but worth every penny.

They have step-by-step guides to all benefit application and appeals… written by lawyers who are benefit experts.

Most of us are still on the old DLA so haven’t had to apply for PIP yet. If you have mobility problems, or need any help with care, you should be entitled to PIP.

I think, like DLA, you can spend the benefit how you wish… in other words you don’t have to spend it on care. Apparently it’s harder to get the high level PIP than it was DLA (they have this stupid rule, if you can walk 20 metres you can’t get the high level) and it’s with the high level that you can get a car (again though, you don’t have to).

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on,

Pat x

Yes Pat I am on DLA. Being medically retired and my pension ending I just wondered about PIP, yes I am on the old DLA at the moment. Yes I do have mobility problems and have the use of a wheelchair. Thank you I will have a look at the benefits and work website. I know PIP has been introduced in some parts of England but I don’t know about Wales where I live. Karen Xx

Hi Karen, I assume we all get a letter when the changes start and apparently we’ll have to be assessed. They are currently only doing it somewhere in north of England (forget where) and I think they plan to roll it out nationwide next year.

People on ‘indefinite’ DLA will probably not go over to PIP till 2015.

Hope that helps love… no need to worry about it immediatly.

Pat x

Thank you Pat for your help Karen X

Pat walk 20 metres I just wish I could do one metre in 20 days LOL wonder who thinks that 20 metres gives anyone a life and the ability to get around or get to the shops etc

I know it’s really daft! I can walk 20 metres holding onto handrail… it get me to my rubbish chute and back!!!

Pat x

yea I think I can l just about walk 1metre at the moment but would like to walk more in it?if only.

Yea to walk 1 metre at the moment is difficult be nice to walk 20metres though.

Just felt a right numpty as I walked (slowly) up the street to post a letter and a kind lady saw me struggling and posted the letter for me. On the way back, I tried calling into my brother’s for a rest but my legs would only take me backwards and I fell on the road outside his house and now have a bruised bum to go with my bruised ego. Fortunately the road’s on the estate and there was no traffic. I wonder if PIP does a negative number when you try walking.