How do I broach the subject with my GP?

I have been suffering with a whole list of symptoms for quite some time, but I have a long-standing spine problem which means I have chronic pain. However, I have lived with the symptoms of that for many years, and what I am experiencing now that are new, though not sudden. I’ve had every blood test under the sun, and a chest x-ray, but everything appears normal. But, I know something is wrong above and beyond the chronic pain. Gradual but severe weight loss without trying (over three stone in the last two years), constant fatigue, trouble with vision, pins and needles in my hands and feet… I just have no idea how to ask my GP if MS is a possibility without coming across as a hypochondriac or something. Has anyone approached their doctor with their suspicions, and how was it received? I know everyone is different, but I’m getting a bit worried about the way my hard-won health is slowly but surely being eroded by a whole list of symptoms that seem to fit the MS profile. Thanks for reading, Mx

Hi Mandie, I had symptoms for many years that I just ignored, never liked to ‘bother’ the doctor! After my most recent episode, vertigo, pins and needles, heaviness in the whole of my right side, blurred vision etc etc, I spoke to my sister who is a gp practice manager, she gave me great advice about writing down all the symptoms that were worrying me and just saying outright to the Dr that I was worried about possible MS. I did this and was taken very seriously, given an urgent referral to neurologist following all the negative blood test results and some simple neurological tests by the gp. Still waiting for my referral, but at least that is now going to happen.

Hi, I think the above advice is the way to go.

Dont ignore symptoms that seem new to your usual ones.

See your gp asap.


“… great advice about writing down all the symptoms that were worrying me …”

I told someone else exactly the same thing yesterday.

And if your GP doesn’t take you seriously after, that get a new GP.


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I’ve kept a symptom diary. Dates symptoms started/stopped. Appointments etc.

Good to have everything in writing. Just filled in blue badge renewal used my diary as they ask for dates.

Keep well.

Jen x