Medical mystery

HI all

I have been back and fore my gp since Feb, with lots of symptoms. I’m beginning to think I’m imagining it, or that my gp is getting fed up with me :frowning: so much so that I don’t want to mention new symptoms to him…

For a while I have been having progressing numbness, first in my pelvis, then in my legs, and most recently my face and tongue. I thought I had burnt my tongue at first but it’s been like it since early May.

I have had blood tests and all organs and vitamin levels are fine, and I had an mri on my spine which was also fine.

Over the last few days I have been feeling sick and dizzy, and keep overbalancing. I haven’t mentioned these to the gp yet, and don’t know if I will! The list of symptoms is growing to an embarrassing level.

I am beginning to suspect ms and when I go back to the gp to have my followup appointment for my mri, I’m hoping the gp will too.

I’m on a long road to a diagnosis at the moment :frowning:

Ask about your ears it maybe an ear problem, a build up of wax can make you feel dizzy, or an infection at least it would be one thing less to worry about. Kay

I’ve had them checked and they are so clear she could see the bones in my ear!

and boy it can be a long road, mine was 2006 to 2016. Just wait for the results, no point in stressing over it, as no one can tell you much, and everyone is different.

Its a real game of patience i am afraid. some people are lucky and get results quickly and others have to wait. x

My gp asked me had I had any visual disturbances and I said not that I have noticed. Since then, I have noticed things are abit out of focus, and thinking back now, I had unusual white lights in my eye. I don’t know whether to mention it as I don’t want him to think I’m creating symptoms, because I wouldn’t do that. Do I mention it? I don’t want him to think I’m wasting his time.

Your not wasting his time, sometimes people have have symptoms but think it is old age or just ignore it and it isn’t looked at because you didn’t know that it was important to tell the doctor. My left side is not as strong as the right it also shakes it wasn’t until I went to see the consultant that he said that I am weaker one side, he had done the same tests at the last appointment and hadn’t said a thing.

That is why they suggest on here to do a symptom time line and not to put it off as old age or something else… good luck.


Thank you Kay. I have an appointment next Tuesday so I will be sure to give the gp a list of all my symptoms, new and old.


so, my gp asked me to get my eyes tested. I need varifocals. I have been shortsighted since I was young, but now at 45 need help with near, reading etc. I had an abnormal field vision test. Waiting for an appointment now to take the eye test results back to the gp. He has in the meantime referred me for an urgent brain mri and to see a neurologist. He is certainly covering everything in fairness.

I am so pleased to hear that you have some progress from the medical people. I started to get double vision this is what started the whole journey. Maybe you will have some answers to some of your problems that you have. Kay

I think they are taking it that my vision problems are caused by needing glasses for near (reading etc) and for computer work. The optician did explain to me that as you get older the lens doesn’t adjust as quickly when you look between near and far, hence the distorted vision.

As regards the medical tests, it has all moved fairly quickly, given that my first symptoms were in Feb/March. My doctor is really good I have to say.

I haven’t been diagonosed with ms. I am waiting for a brain mri and a neurologist appointment. I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems whereby they don’t seem to feel like they need to wee? I have mentioned it to the doctor, and it did seem to start improving, so I told my gp it seemed to be settling down, but it seems have worsened again.

I’m awake yet again because of my inability to get enough air in. Could this be related? Doctor is still checking for nerve damage but seemed baffled by the tight chest