How did I not notice?

hi all, need some advice. I am diagnosed with progressive Ms for nearly a year, after being misdiagnosed for at least 10. I suffer the usual symptoms and while I canno walk any distance without my legs getting heavy and uncoordinated I am fine for short walks 15 to 20 feet fairly well.

last night for once I had the couch to myself and instead of sitting normally I sat with my back against the armrest and my legs stretched along the length of the couch. I got a spasm in my leg and went to lift it and found I couldn’t neither of them not even one inch. I have tried doing the same all day and they just won’t respond.

i can still walk, move my legs sideways but cannot raise them at all. What does this mean? And it sounds really stupid but I don’t know how long they have been like this.

has anyone any experience, advice or comments on this. Does this mean I am suddenly progressing rapidly?

ann x

Hi Ann, no it doesn’t mean you are suddenly progressing more rapidly.

Chances are it will change again… remember, even with PPMS things can come and go again.

Have you ever had any physio? There are exercises which can really help with this sort of thing and keep the muscles strong.

If you haven’t had any, see your GP. They can do a referral and you can have a physio come to your home. If you have had some, you should be able to self-refer to see a physio again. The phone number should be on your local council website.

Try not to worry about it. As I said, it might just improve on its own.

In terms of sitting in general, I find it a great help to keep my legs up. It helps not only my legs but my back as well. Wouldn’t do without Big Bertha… my appropriately recliner chair!

Have a nice weekend,

Pat xx

I find my legs wont work at all if I have a urine infection. They dont work very well normally but throw in an infection they are bloomin awful. Don

Thank you both for you replies. Pat I have made a appt with gp for Monday and I will also ask him to check a urine sample after Reading dons answer.

I will also contact physio and see can she recommend some exercises.

I panicked over my legs thinking I was rapidly declining and I feel reassured after your reply Pat.

both of you have a nice weekend,

Ann x

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You to XX Don

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You too Ann.

Pat xx

Anne, it’s quite a hard thing to do lifting legs up when straight out in front, physio explained but can’t remember the details, only that your legs are incredibly heavy like that and very difficult to move. Mine are a nightmare, they go rigid and I cannot bend of lift, but this is also when lying down, have to try and get on side or front to move, as my legs ain’t gonna bend, lift etc. sleeping such fun…

do you have a physio? Can you get referred? Exercises may help