Is this how it will Progress?

Is this how it will Progress? I feel as of I am monoplising this forum - where is everyone?

Any way I have a serious question, I have been noticing my feet dragging more when walking and it being a huge effort to walk from A To B. This has been for a week or so, is this how it will progress? My ‘heavy legs’ just feel heavier, I’ve had PPMS since Oct 97. Oh! and I’m p**sed off at the thought.

I hope you are having a better day, take care, M

Hi, Ive replied to Bryonys post, which is similar to your`s. Wanna read my reply and see if it answers your question, eh? If not, pm me love.

luv Pollx

It may well be how it will progress BUT not this day!! I had a better day.

I wish you all a good evening and a good night’s sleep, is that too many goods I don’t care it may be the red wine? M

You should not assume it will deteriorate. I was diagnosed in 1973 and have PPMS; been on one of those plateaus for 30 years.

Apart from having a leg amputated; not MS but MRSA I’m still enjoying life. Be positive; don’t think or talk yourself into submission.


Cheers George

90% of the time I am annoying optimistic but every now and again it ‘bities’ but not today!

Thanks, M

To the best of my knowledge there is no way of no knowing.

My experience so far (I have SPMS) has been similar to yours, bugger ain’t it?

I’m glad that George has replied sharing his experience. I am hoping for ‘a plateau’ but who knows?

I’ve found denial the best place to be, making the most of each day.

Today is a beautiful sunny day

Hi George, you are an inspiration to us all. It’s so often assumed that PPMS is a ‘fast progressing’ form of MS, and of course sadly for some people it is, but important to remind people, especially newly dx people, that it’s not like that for everyone. And even if it starts on a fast-progressing course, doesn’t mean it will continue like that.

Although some of my symptoms have progressed over the past couple of years (and some have gone away completely… used to have trouble swallowing… now it’s ok!), my walking is about the same. No better but no worse.

Good lord George 1973!!! (in memory of my hippy days!)

Pat xx

Are we inspirational or what? I am fairly sure I should be doing some house work, but here I am

hello there, like you I was dxed in Oct 97, and, yes, this is how things will be, magic isn’t, you never know just what will be around the corner, you have the great adventure/worry if you will fall, hurt yourself etc, as I said, it’s magic, everyday is different, everyday poses new questions, new horizons, that’s the beauty of PPMS, what will today, tomorrow bring, oh the joy, the fun we have, brian