I have been in hospital for ten days, they admitted me due to weakness and tingling in right arm and leg, blurred vision and constant leaking in right eye, hand tremor and urinating at least 4x an hour, even at night. In hospital I had an MRI of head with contrast and one of spine without contrast, they came back clear, Dr advised me they were looking for brain mets or stroke as I was previously dx with breast cancer in 2005. These symptoms have been getting gradually worse over last 6mths, Dr released me from hospital and told me they are all in my head. My daughter was with me earlier at home and my weak leg gave way completely and I fell over on to my back, which I have also had extreme pain lately in lower spine.

My daughter wants me to go to my GP tomorrow as she is worried it could be MS? but surely that would have shown on MRI? I feel like I am going crazy as I have been off work now for two weeks and have to go into work and say it is all in my head.

Could anyone advise me please? am at my wits end.

Thanks in advance,


The clear MRI scans probably does make make MS unlikely but if they weren’t looking for it. i.e. they asked the radiologist is there signs of brain mets or stroke that is the question that would be answered and if MS like lesions weren’t obvious the radiologist might not look or see them.

If it got to the point of falling over its not all in being told its all in your head is not good enough. Of course it may well not be MS they are many causes of MS like symptoms, e.g. certain vitamin deficiencies. I think a trip to the GP would be called for.

Thank you for reply, been to Dr today, she say they were only looking for brain mets and stroke, and that she thinks symptoms will settle down, has written me sick note for ten days in hospital as back pain, I suppose I will just have to live with it, but so hard getting no sleep and up every hour at night for loo…

Yes, sleep deprivation is debilitating. I hope things. Settle soon.

hi roberta

i’m pleased that your gp isnt saying its all in your head.

you could ask your gp to refer you to a bladder nurse.

they are fab and not just for people with ms.

he/she will scan your bladder (ultrasound like when pregnant)

it will show if you are retaining.

you will be given a name for the condition, i have an overactive bladder.

there are various meds available.

sometimes getting treatment for an annoying symptom is just what you need.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,

thank you, I will mention that, I saw my GP again yest as pain in back so severe, she thinks a disc is bulging and affecting my sciatic nerves, she was real good and did listen, said whole of my lower back inflamed, she did the reflexes again on my numb right leg and they again did not respond, even to the prick test they do, my hubby asked if it could be ms and she said no as it only affects one limb, not like me with both my right leg and arm. They have now put me on Naproxen for the pain. I was supposed to have blood tests at surgery Fri but GP could see pain I am in trying to walk so told me nurse will come to my home Thurs to take my bloods which was really good of them.

I think I’m just getting a bit down now with no sleep and pain, you begin to think you are going crazy, and I hate being off work too which doesn’t help. Thanks again for your reply,

Roberta x

Hi , I have only one limp effected (right leg) and MS was iniatially suspected by neuro. Anyway turns out that I have radiation myelitiis from radiation treatment I had 20 years ago for hodgkins lymphoma. First numbess appeared in 2005 and I had clear scan. Then right side weakness in 2011 and scan showed lesion in neck area.

Moyna xxx

Thanks Moyna, I will mention this too as I had 3wks radiotherapy in 2005 for bc, just feel as if I am wasting Dr’s time back and forth :frowning: xxx

Hello Roberta. I am not for one minute suggesting you have ms but there does seem to be something neurological going on. Your symptoms are definately not all in your head. I’m always wary of doctors who tell you its all in your head, that just seems like a cop out on there part to me. There are such things as silent MRI scans (lesions dont show) Or small lesions dont show on scan. I’m just saying dont give up, its your body and you need to know whats causing the problems. If symptoms persist maybe you could ask your gp to refer you to a specialist ms centre. Good luck x

Hi Carole,

I am back at Dr in morning and am definately going to ask for that referral, you are so right, I know my own body and I know something is not right, thank you so much for taking time to reply, it is very much appreciated, just feel rather alienated at present and it does drive you mad when they say tests have all been done so they will treat symptoms, tablets they have given me are doing nothing at all and I don’t like to take too many when they are making no difference.

Thank you so much again,