In hospital... Help me understand?

Hi, I’ve been under investigation for MS for a few months since I developed double vision, an MRI showed that I have a lesion on my brain. Neuro suggested MS and reffered me for a lumbar puncture, which I am due to have next week. Unfortunately on Monday afternoon I started with a migraine whilst at work, I had to leave early and I was very ill at home with it, vomiting and dizziness, I went to the doctors but they just said it was a migraine and prescribed some meds to take in future if I felt another coming on. Tuesday morning I woke without a headache but with severe dizziness and sickness and also numbness in my lips and Tongue, and my family were advised by my doctors to call for an ambulance. After 6 hours in A and E I was sent home after they ensured that I had eaten and kept it down but on the promise I returned if I was sick again. Tuesday evening I was indeed sick again however I decided to see how I was in the morning. Wednesday morning I woke up and I was sick yet again from dizziness and the numbness had spread up the left side of my face and down my right arm and hand. I was admitted to hospital that afternoon and they say my right side is weak I am unbalanced and my left side is uncoordinated, I am yet to speak to the neuro so I would really appreciate any comments on similar cases. If I do have MS surely all these symptoms are a bit excessive for a relapse? I guess i don’t know too much but I didn’t think having MS would be this bad and I thought it was easily managed? Was I fooling myself and is this what it’s really like? Sorry for the long message I just wanted to give a clear picture. Hope someone can help… Thank you!

Oh Beth I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time at the moment. I’m afraid that yes these things can be a sign of ms but I’m not an expert, Karen would be able to tell you more. It depends on which type of ms as to how much can be done for you but am sure that once you have seen the neuro’ you will know more. Just make sure you ask the questions, write down your symptoms, the worst one first and when it all started and how long it’s been going on for. I really hope you get an answer very soon. In the meantime sending you (((((HUGS)))))



I am undiagnosed still so can’t offer meaningful advice but am thinking of you. It’s just awful feeling like that and being in hospital so hope that you get some advice from the experts soon but in the meantime…rest and try not to worry too much.

Hope you get some peace (mmm doubtful-those places are like a zoo) and feel better soon

Gillian x

Sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time

There are several things that could be going on of which both migraine and MS are possibilities. I hope they can work it out soon and get something done to help!

As far as managing MS goes, MS attacks can be quite mild, but they can also be devastating (and everything in between). Similarly, their after effects (i.e. permanent, leftover symptoms) can be negligible through to devastating. There are some excellent meds / treatments available to manage a lot of these symptoms, but they have their limits and often require a lot of trial and error to get both the right med and the right dose. Unfortunately, some symptoms do not respond to meds or treatment, and meds often get less effective over time. Add to that the fact that MS is a chronic, progressive condition and you can see that life gets harder as time goes on :frowning:

The only meds proven to fight MS itself are DMDs. A lot of people wonder why MSers make such a fuss about being able to get hold of a drug that reduces relapses by 30% on average. Unfortunately, you now have first hand experience of why some of us would do just about anything to keep those meds. Hopefully you won’t have any lasting effects once this attack goes into remission (assuming it’s MS that is), but it’s not just relapses that DMDs help to prevent - if we don’t have the relapse, we don’t get the permanent residual symptoms either. And that is a huge benefit.

Ultimately, MS is massively variable - some people manage fine, some people are very badly disabled and require a great deal of support, most of us are somewhere in between. So, if you take the average MSer, it’s probably fair to say that it is really bloody hard at times, but with the right meds, the right support and the right attitude, we are still able to do a lot with our life. Life can still be good.

Karen x

Hi Beth

Just wanted to wish you well n say hope you feel better oon. It’s horrible not knowing whats happening to your body. Karen has explained the situation to a T in that a combo of MS and migraine could give rise to your symptoms. Some with very debilatating consequences and some less so. That’s also not to say it couldn’t be something else too. Most important thing is to tell your neuro your symptoms and whats happened in a concise manner.

Hope you get some answers soon. Hope you feel better soon.



Just a small story that I want some suggestions too.

When I was in elemetary, my classmates and I went to our teacher’s house but accidentally I was slide and my head got into the floor. I am afraid to have check up. :frowning:

Any suggestion please?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking about here: MS would not be caused by this kind of incident, but if you are having symptoms, the only way you are going to get help is by seeing a doctor. After all, things will not get worse by seeing a doctor, but they very well might if you don’t.

Karen x

Hi Beth,

sorry to hear that you are feeling rough. I had my first attack in June this year which i am still recovering from and even though i have not been diagnosed yet all the symptoms you have mentioned is what i suffered with, blurred vision in my right eye, numbness down my right side of face including my lips and tongue and dizzyness which made me feel sick also. The only symptom that seems to be hanging on is this awful dizzyness which is improving but painfully slow. My doctor has prescribed me Betahistine for the dizzyness and i do the Cooksey Cawthorne exercises too which helps a little. They found a handful of lesions on my brain too and they did mention to me that it is the onset of MS.

One thing i have come to realise is that the people on this site are wonderful and so helpful and everyone will be there to support you (me included). Remain positive as it helps dont let it get you down.

Hope you get things sorted out soon.

Big hugs


Hi beth, poor you…it does sounds quite extreme if MS is the culprit. But I have heard of migraines causing sickness etc.

I hope they can come up with a cause/remedy for this. You must be totally exhausted love.

luv Pollx

Hey everyone, thanks so much for all your reassurances and kind words. They gave me another MRI which showed more lesions and I have had my lumbar puncture! The neuro has also reffered me to an MS nurse who has helped me to understand a lot more and discussed possible treatments, I’m still waiting to be confirmed with MS but there seems to be little doubt that that is what it is. The main issue i am having is walking which i can no longer do unaided, the physios are helping me to walk with a crutch which is very frustrating after so many years walking independantly! Hopefully i will be out of the hospital on Monday, the physios and occupational therapist are coming with me to make sure i can get about! Anyway, thanks again for your support its been a scary experience and a real eye opener in to the disease but i know i can do this! Beth xx

Hello Beth xx just wanted to wish you all the best and a speedy recovery xxjenxx