Horrid episode today please help!

I had MRI scan 2 years ago. Doc said was clear but I had been having MS sympyoms for a year or so. Got fibro dx and have been living with that. However today I was at work and had a sharp pain in my stomach I then started to overheat as the environmrnt was hot and began to shake uncotrollably, lost the ability to speak coherently and couldnt focus at all. i couldnt remember peoples names or how to use the computer and got so upset I had to go home. I then got lost on a route I know well. Very scary…does this sound like fibro??? Or could it be MS and should I go back to the docs?? Thank you in advance xx

Oh wow what a thing to happen. I would go back to your GP about the pain in your stomach first, just in case something is going on. Not everything should be put down to existing illnesses…

The rest well it could be a combination of things, getting overheated and perhaps then a bit of panic which would be totally normal in your circumstances. Really they never should have let you drive home IMHO. If you were working for me, I would have gotten you to a cooler area, gave you a warm sweet drink and see how you went. You could be sickening for a virus.

How are you today hun?

I would certainly talk to your doctor about the pain, and then yes the after effects…sending you a big hug. x

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