Today, i thought it could all be MS

Today i was sat at my desk at work, my hands had this weird sensation, almost as if my body has a casing with skin on but inside the casing is hollow, my skin felt warm, but inside it felt like cold air moving around. The sensation travelled to my wrists and up my fore arms, and then tingling started on my skin, i have had this for about 8 hours now. My legs are feeling similar, but only had them feeling like this for about 5 hours.
I also have a tremendous headache with neckpain, i have felt dizzy and spaced out, and now my eyes are hurting too. I also have had difficulty talking today, i couldn’t even say my daughters name to my boss this morning which upset me.

I have had issues with my hands for a few months, i noticed when using a pc mouse that i am not clicking where i think i am going to click (tested 3 mice on 2 pcs so not a hardware issue), i am also dropping things and even stuck my finger in the butter when trying to put some on a knife the other day.

My headaches and neckpain have been going on since i was a teen, but the speech issues started about 10 years ago, came out of no where really.

I started to get body pains, muscle aches and fatigue in 2016 and was diagnosed with fibro.

Several years ago, i started to have problems with my bladder, randomly wetting myself, and last year i started to feel like i almost always feel like i need to pee and that i do not fully empty my bladder, urologist cannot find a problem though.

I have felt for many years that my left side is weaker than the right and seems to have more problems.
I get odd times when i feel like i have maybe chest armour on which is too tight and i am unable to fully inhale.
I get eye pain at random times and sometimes wake with a bloodshot eye.

I may have other symptoms which i have missed, i have an appointment with a GP on Friday and i am really nervous as i have alot of other things going on in life at the moment too

Hope your appointment with your GP went OK.