horrible pain

hi all, would appreciate a little advice. i’m not very good at describing my pain to the doc other than to to say it bloody hurts , so not much of an explanation really. The best i can say is it feels like a horrible tooth ache extending down my arms and legs ,they ache so much, they hurt if i’m still and even more if i move, what pain relief would you recommend and can my GP prescribe it. I do take baclofen for the muscle spasms but the spasms seem to have been replaced with this cold dull ache, which isn’t relieved however much baclofen i take. My GP although lovely, looks at me blankly when i try to explain ms type pain and originally offered me paracetamol for muscle spasms and it was only thanks to this site that i learnt about baclofen,problem is now he thinks I’m ‘dealt with’. and the baclofen should ease all my pain but sadly it doesn’t Thankyou so much for reading my post any advice greatly appreciated


Hi Mully,

If you say your gp is no good,then you need to speak to your MS Nurse as she may be able to suggest something that would help. Or give your consultants’s sec’ a ring and ask her if the neuro can help. Don’t give up…

Wish you luck.


Hi Mully
I have ‘toothache’ mainly in my legs, although my arms are sometimes involved. Two drugs helped me. Amitriptyline certainly helps this type of pain, but made me sleepy all day, so it was difficult to function.
However, the contoversial drug LDN (low dose naltrexone - Google it!) really helps my pain, and other problems.
Some GPs won’t prescribe LDN. Fortunately, my GP is happy to give me an NHS presciption.

John H.

hi mully

i also get the same pains as you describe …i’m on pregabalin and amitriptyline and it does help but now and again especially when i’m at rest the pain comes back…sort of got used to it now

you should as for meds for neuropathic pain as that’s more than likely what your getting

take care


I take Baclofen,Amitriptyline and I also take co-codamol as nothing eases the pain completely.

Your doctor can reccomend medication,you do not need a neuro to prescribe it.My GP was the one who prescribed Baclofen and co-codamol.

I hope this helps?


Hiya.Through trial and error I have found baclofen only helps me with the stiffness in my legs.

The cold ache where I dont know what to do with myself or the feeling of sunburn deep inside–the only way I can describe that one–is to take two amitriptyline instead of anything else.I usually take 30mg at night but have been so hacked off with pain this weekend I took the 2 at mid day aswell.Only problem was it made the pain go away because I went to sleep.

Effective for pain but not helpful if sleeping isnt an option.