Horrible GP appointment

Hi I had gone to see the GP last week, it was a locum one who I had not seen before. He made me feel belittled and upset. I rarely go to the GP’s, but my symptoms have got worse. I have been chasing the 2 MRI scans i had in 2004 and also 2014. For some reason they have not yet sent me the reports from them. Despite worsening symptoms, he did not examine me at all. He said if the MRI was ok in 2014 then that would be fine now. He was patronising and rude, I had taken a list of symptoms and how they effected me and he waved it all away. Basically it is up to me to chase a private referral to a endocrinologist, and also if I went to a fibromyalgia meeting in the community, i have to access it would make all the issues go away talking to others with the same problem according the this man. I went out and was so upset, I wanted to go straight home but had to wait to have the flu jab. If anyone knows any decent and kind private GPs and/or consultants please can you message me. thank you.

That locom GP you saw sounds like a right twat!! If you had the mri scans at an nhs hospital you can make a subject access request online for the mri reports and images. It’s really easy, just google it. It cost me a tenner for the reports and discs. As for an mri being normal in 2014 which means it’s normal now. What complete rubbish. It may well be the same but how is he to know!! I suggest seeing another GP at the practice and failing that, bypass the GP and get an appointment with an ms specialist (assuming that’s your concern). Don’t know where you are in the country but I saw an excellent neurologist privately and I live in the south east. I can pm you his name and details if you want me to.

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Oh well said.

Everything you’ve said I agree with.

Trying a different GP within the practice is a first response.

After that, getting all your records and seeing a private neurologist might be a further action.

I assume you’re in Oxford Emma, but make your search area clear and maybe someone can suggest a private specialist.


Hi thank you for the messages. I have a new appointment tomorrow (which is a follow up to my thyroid tests) but with a GP I haven’t seen before. I am going to see if she is any better first. I have been sent on many goose chases via both the cheltenham open scanner (where I was sent for my nhs scan due to my fear of mri scans) who have said a few times now they cant give me my records, even when I asked under the data protection act, they need to get the referrer permission apparently, they have said a few times they have asked the consultant. I have also asked the consultant and been told about 3-4 times they will either send the report or ask the scanner place to send it. I have also done 3 SAR on my medical records and each time they have sent nothing like what I have asked for. There are also no records from when I was a baby despite being premature and in hospital in a incubator for 6 months. now the GP practise manager is doing a search of my paper records there for my 2 scans, and said it can take two weeks, that was now nearly two weeks ago. Please can you send me the names of the ones you recommend please in case tomorrow is a no go again? thank you.