Home Alone

Morning Everyone Well left home alone today, husband and son are on a boys day out. I’ve been very aware that this ******MS doesn’t just effect the person that has it but everyone around them. I will spend the time making a list of things I can and want to do, I’ve always wanted to paint so will look for painting lessons number one. Maybe I will call it my bucket list and add all the things I’ve always wanted to do. Could end up being a long list but hay ho. Anyway have a good day all and don’t forget to slap the sun cream on if going outside,it’s hot out there. Deborah

Good for you Deborah. I got my dx last week and my parents have booked a trip for myself and my daughter to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo which is a big tick on my bucket list. Really looking forward to it. My last “holiday” was a camping trip in the lake district with 46 children as a volunteer youth club leader. That was lovely too, but this should be quieter.

Take care and enjoy your day on your own, it’s very true that family is affected almost as much as we are.

Min x

Thanks Min I am sure you will enjoy the Tattoo, we did camping for 7 years before we told up caravans , had to give that up when our four by four was stolen and our replacement car couldn’t tow the large caravan, hey ho ***** happens, anyway have a good day. Deborah x

Hi Deborah,

I’m going to be home alone this afternoon and evening too.

All planned out - 2pm ladies tennis final. Evening lovely salad to eat then catch up on recorded tv programmes that only I wanted to watch. Might just have a glass of wine tonight too.

Enjoy writing your list.

Jen x