Holidaying... not sure what’s going on!

Currently on holiday in Spain am in between diagnosis. The day before I went I got a really sore neck just underneath head central… I feel completely tired constantly whilst I’m here trying my best to make it a good holiday. My anxiety that I’m having a relapse has probably not helped! I have no other usual ms symptoms apart from being achey all over my lower back has always gave me gip, am I having a relapse!? And if I am can it wait till I get home in a few days to start worrying about it?

Nothing there to suggest to me that you’re having a relapse. Also considering you’re not actually diagnosed. Don’t get too hot as that can exacerbate symptoms. Stay hydrated, as even sweating can reduce your body fluids, salts and upset electrolyte balance.

Thanks. It’s just the bottom of my neck between the shoulder blades is so painful I’m on day 5 now of it and it’s so sore. Pain killers, deep heat and alcohol make it bearable but I’m just worried!

It could be something as simple as using a different pillow than what you normally do. Can you sleep without one and see if it helps?