Just arrived back from corfu.Had a fantastic time. The heat was ok,found a couple of days i struggled,felt abit wobbly,but by the end of it,i wasnt using my stick at all.We had temps of about 90 degrees.I always made sure i had plenty of water during the day,and plenty of vodka in the evenings.

I did stuggle to sleep at night,even with the fan going and the doors wide open.But that wasnt a problem,caught up with the sleep during the day.Mosquitos were bad,but i dont let that stop me from enjoying myself.Got a fantastic welcome from my cats when i returned.

Also used a great company to get my travel insurance from.They deal with all kinds of medical conditions.They are called Club Direct,and for £27 pounds for me and the other half i knew i was covered.Also everytime yu use them,they will send you a discount for your next trip.


Kim x


Great to hear u enjoyed your holiday-I am off to Crete soon..........

My case will have kids clothes and medicine, a pure wool scarf amongst other things. Not for our use but for the Greeks in the village who are really struggling. Hospitals closed-scrapmen already been in for the metal. Cancer treatments stopped cos theres no funding for it to continue. Many have had there elec cut off cos of yet another tax (which they sneakily added to elec bill so if u dont want to or cant pay the new tax then they just cut off ur elec) The Army are out giving soup those those who need it. The old Greek women are walking to keep warm-no power and stone houses are cold-even in the sun.

They are operating an exchange system in the village-Mum is crocheting for the kids-eggs and other food is left on her doorstep. This is only half an hour from the touristy places..............

I know its been well documented and reported the recent troubles of Greece, but like everything else, when you become involved directly it kinda puts our worries into perspective.................

Get plenty of moisturiser on that tan to make it last!

Ellie x

Hiya again

This makes it all kinda scary............

Ellie x