Holiday Insurance 2022

Good evening all… just gathering general information. I know that there are a lot of posts on holiday insurance but many are quite old (old posts, perhaps something for moderators to look at, some pre 2015 - out of date , plus out of mind).

Anyway, is there any general advice out there? When it comes to insurance; the more illnesses, symptoms you list the higher the insurance is.

At the moment my symptoms are not life limiting but instead life affecting. We have to some extent played Russian Roulette, gone for the cheaper insurance taking the view that I would grit my teeth and endure the symptoms that seem to get worse when you go away.

I feel we can’t go on like that, what if I were to end up in the hospital and our holiday were interrupted? So this year, going to declare lock stock and barrel, ouch :persevere:.

I’ve booked insurance for a couple of cruises, with Staysure. Had previously been recommended to try them as they specialise in old age and disabilities and when they also came up in a comparator search, I went with them.

I booked with Staysure while the rest of the family booked with another insurer, as they didn’t have declarable conditions. I paid £65 for a single week after mentioning MS & hypertension.

Let me declare an interest: if you choose to use them, you could get a 20% discount and I could get a £10 M&S voucher! Message me and we can exchange details to get the discount code. Important: I would need to recommend you before you fill out the quote form because they send you a link.

Oooooo, Chatting it over with the other half… he handles that sort of stuff. Will defo check staysure out :blush:

PS…I am more interested on what you would spend your
£10 M & S voucher on :rofl:

Our bank always cover us via an “additions” policy that includes travel insurance & breakdown cover.
I just ring the bank up tell them where we are going and thats it.
They ask if theres been any other medical issues that need to be added or updated onto their system and thats it.
These so called “specialist medical” insurance companies are a rip off.

I have a packaged bank account as well, it has AA cover, mobile phone cover but also holiday insurance for a fee each month. I had to call to tell them about my symptoms and they charged £100 more for a years cover.

Hi Jactac and James. Sounds like we have been missing a trick. The answer might lie with our bank. There is still time to check this option out :thinking:… thank you both for the suggestion :blush:.

Our annual worldwide travel insurance is with our Nationwide bank account- also includes AA car breakdown and mobile phone insurance for £13 a month for both of us (joint account) and our children when they lived at home and in full time education inc uni. I pay a top up of £40 for the year to cover my MS on the travel insurance aspect.

I’m booking a holiday for next year and it’s the first time I’ve been abroad in a Very Long Time. What do I do about cancellation insurance? All of the policies I’ve seen say you need to be medically certified unfit to travel to claim cancellation for medical conditions - is “I can’t stand up without swearing a lot in pain” good enough to count? Because I’m definitely not spending all day on trains from Yorkshire to Paris if I’m having a flare-up, but equally it doesn’t need treatment, so I wouldn’t usually even tell my MS nurse unless it went on for longer than a week or two…

Would it be better to just get the medical insurance, hope for the best, and suck it up if it turns out we need to cancel? Or would a doctor be able to sign me off based on self-reported invisible symptoms? Has anyone got any experience with trying to explain this kind of thing to an insurance provider?


I’ve never been asked for a “top up” ?
We always ring them just be fore going away just to make sure they are aware, but we get told every-time theres no need to keep informing them as it’s already down on file.
We still keep ringing them though :rofl:

We are with Barclays, have been for donkeys years.