Holiday injections

Hello everyone, hope you are all as well as can be I am thinking of going to Egypt for a holiday this year Am on Rebif and wondering if anyone has had holiday Vaccinations and what your experiences were. Looking forward to hearing off you Sonia x

hi sonic

i am on copaxone and its really quite straight forward to take them abroad.

you must have a covering letter from your doctor

make sure that you can carry the injections in your hand luggage because in the hold it gets too cold

take a small sharps bin

i’m sure it will be the same for rebif

good luck and have a great holiday

carole x

I know there are some vaccines that we’re supposed to avoid, but very unhelpfully(!) I’m afraid I have no idea what they are - sorry :frowning:

Hopefully your MS nurse will know.

Rebif is fine at room temperature for up to 30 days according to their website, but I doubt it’s going to be their idea of room temperature in Egypt so maybe have a look at getting a FRIO bag or similar to carry your cartridges in? There are various cool bags on the internet that are designed for diabetes meds - our meds tend to take up a bit more room, but if you can get one to fit, the bags do the trick nicely. Mini bars are often pretty rubbish at keeping things cold, so don’t rely on it. Also, when you’re there, if you have the kind of plastic card room key that switches the lights on when you stick it in a slot, ask for an extra key to keep everything switched on while you’re out of the room - so the mini bar stays below 25 degrees, assuming it works! If the mini bar is rubbish, keep your spare cartridges in the hotel fridge (they should be used to requests from other injection users) or in the cool bag. Do make sure it’s the sort of cool bag that can cope with high temperatures - I would imagine that Eygpt will be hot in the summer!

Have a fab time :slight_smile:

Karen x