Holiday advice

Morning folks.

Need some advise about holidays, I’ll tell you why.

I recently ended up in hospital after a nasty UTI got to my kidneys and in my blood, ( first time I had been in hospital ) and

I’m 61.

I’ve always had a dreed of having to go in hospital, don’t know what I was bothered about, the staff and doctors were extremely nice and treated me well, Oldham Royal, although the food was poor. Luckily I was of my food.

It has left me now unable to transfer alone, left arm and hand strength and dexterity ( legs don’t work anyway ).

Unable to drive, first time since I was 17.

So problem where do you go on holiday when your wheelchair dependant and how do you get there.

I’m not particular about holidays but my girlfriend/partner really likes them especially near the sea.

After the time she’s had with me and my mum ( early stage dementia ) and she had just moved in, she deserves a break.

Offered to pay for her and the grand kids to go away but she won’t leave me as I can’t manage alone.

So were and how.



Hi Ronin, there are hotels that are set up to accommodate people with disabilities, that have wet rooms rather than traditional bathrooms, wide doorways etc - a quick search on “hotels disabled” and my home town turned up some results, so hopefully a similar search with the name of your preferred destination would help you find a suitable hotel. Boudica may also have some ideas - she recently had a holiday in Blackpool with her carers.

As for how you get there, does your girlfriend drive? Can you travel comfortably by car? If the answer to either or both of those questions is no, then consider whether you could go by train. I haven’t yet needed assistance myself on a train journey so I can’t offer specific advice, but I am sure other people on the forum can.

Hope this helps!

Ha, catching up after a few days away and have just seen that your original message got posted twice and lots of people have answered the other one!

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