Ho ho holiday...

Hey folks how’s everyone doing? Just the usual action packed days aye? Wishing for the days when you could get a spare hour to have a rest? Aye, me too!

I’ve not been that good over this last couple months. My personal enemy gremlin is having great fun messing with my legs mainly. He seems to favour making me walk through thigh high water, wearing cement block shoes. Oh and the rucksack full of small rocks I have to carry too. How could I forget that wee gem. Oh what fun MS can be, isn’t it just a joyful disease? The emoji’s on this forum are crap but those of you that know me, will know I’m obviously taking the piss. I’ve not long had some well needed great news though. My big sister, who lives in Portland Oregon has been looking at flights for me to go over cos it’s been nearly 4years since I was last over. She’s been married & living in the states for 17 odd years now and we normally kinda take turns as to who comes over, seeing as it’s not the cheapest to fly to. Anyhoo… In all the years she’s been there, I’ve never been able to go at xmas time cos the flight prices are just crazy so it’s normally sept or April when we do our trips. She phoned me earlier to tell me there’s a brilliant flight & price that’s basically just came up so I’ve booked it cos it’s too good a deal to not take advantage of. Soooo… On the 11th December I’m heading off to the states for 3wks & I’ll be back on 5th January. I can’t believe how cheap the flights are, especially it being the lead up to xmas but I’ve not long booked it & I’ve got my travel itinerary & confirmation all emailed to me so it’s official. I’m definately going to America for xmas & new year… Whooooohoooooo!!!

Ive always wanted to experience the American xmas in the flesh. I’ve seen St Patricks day, Halloween & Independence Day but xmas/New Years always been too pricey to even think about it. I can’t stop smiling, I’m sooo happy i got it booked before the prices change again. I’ve got 2 nephews, one of them still believes in Santa so it’ll be magic seeing his wee face opening his presents that came from “Santa”.

This has honestly gave me a well deserved moral boost cos things have been really quite shitty of late but having this holiday to look forward to is going to make a huge difference to me.

I hope everyone else on here is okay & you’re all getting by as best as we can with this piss take of a disease. I don’t mean my post as a wind up bragging kinda thang, I’m just that happy I thought I’d share it here instead of my normal ms sucks donkey dick posts. Stick in folks x

Lovely news does it snow in Oregon December time?

It’s amazing the deals you can get if you check prices often enough, my friend and I have just saved a third of the cost of next years holiday by booking online rather than in the travel agents. I’ve got a countdown going already and it’s telling me 244 days to go I really must stop looking at it I’m becoming obsessed

Happy holidays

Jan x

Brilliant news and Oregon is such a beautiful State. Hubbie and I spent a couple of years in the Pacific Northwest in our much younger days (when MS was a very distant ‘pleasure’ to come). And as the weather can be a lot like our own, mild some years and colder in others hopefully it won’t be too difficult to get out and about.

if you’ve already experienced some of the way they ‘do’ holidays, then you know they go in for all them in a big way, but especially Christmas which is really nice. And to be able to spend this time with your family is a double bonus, especially when there are young children involved who still ‘believe’.

I am sure you will have an amazing time and hope you’ll let us all know how you got on when you return.

best wishes


Lovely news on a rotten wet day!

Hope you have the best time ever and all goes smoothly!

Take care,

Nina x

wow great news,bet you are so looking forward to your xmas time,hope you have a lovely time.

J x

Sounds like you will be having a bball …enjoy.

Pam x