Hip and leg pain

I have had awful pain in my hip and the top of my leg for the last couple of days and my leg also feels numb. Could this be ms related, does any one else get this? I have taken pain killers but they haven’t helped much.

Could be but could also be a symptom of something else. Best to discuss with the Dr in charge of your care. i have pain and numbness in the legs but different places to you.

Hi Karen, how is your mobility? When I was walking and falling due to foot drop, I began to lift my hip and swing my leg out.

This caused severe hip/thigh ache…deep ache.

Ask a physio for advice, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, hope your feeling ok xxxx

Hubby gets alot of leg hip pain going for more scans of lower back not nerve pain as gapapentin does not take it off strange.He has been on steriods years could be thinning bones in hubbys case xxx julie