High colestrol and ms

Has anyone had this I have just had my colestrol checked and it has just come back as just over the higher of normal, but I have read something about this been the fact for people with MS its caused by the body making colestrol as its trying to repair the myline so it’s nothing to worry about Has anyone else ever herd of this

Hi there,

Not heard of this one. Mine was last tested before I was diagnosed, but when I already had symptoms - so presumably did have MS by then.

From memory, mine was very slightly high, but again pronounced “nothing to worry about”, because apparently, I had an unusually high proportion of “good cholesterol”, in comparison with the bad stuff. Not sure quite how I managed that, said she, finishing a bacon sandwich.

But apparently, it’s the ratio that’s more important, not absolute level.


Not diagnosed, so dont know what is causing my symptoms but my cholestrol is unusually low - 3.8. Surely that logic could also be reversed; if you cant produce enough, you might not be able to keep up with myelin repair.

Intresting tatty teddy. I have high cholesterol have had for years, had to have diary advice as to young to have medication, the really strange thing is I don’t eat dairy products, or anything else that may cause a rise. I’m not over weight. All the nurse could advise was that I eat oily fish (doh I have an allergy to fish) and drink a glass or two of red wine each evening, yep can do that one! As there was nothing else that could be identified as causing me a risk. My dad died when he was 35 of a heart attack though he had never been unwell, and I though maybe there was a link and he may have had cholesterol problems without knowing. Mine was over 9 when first checked I think it is about 6 now. Ment to get it checked regularly but never do. As Tina said though it is more the ratio that is important. Ppx

I havent heard of that, however my cholesterol was 8.1 and now with statins its down to 5.6 which is more normal than what it was.

It wasnt my diet as 5 years ago it was exactly the same, hence my liver is producing high levels of the wrong sort of cholesterol. Ive been taking statins for a while now and theyre doing a good job at reducing my levels.

Interesting theory that cholesterol is produced to try repair myeline.

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I can remember when I was first diagnosed, in the dim and distant past of 1984, I asked the doctor why I had developed MS. He looked both embarrassed and mystified as he told me that the jury was out as to how MS rears its ugly head. He said that it could be that I have a diet that is too high in fat - I told him that I was a vegan - he then said that I may have “too many fillings” - I told him that In have none.

This was some time ago of course and things have changed a lot, but now, to (hopefully!) do all that I can to not bring on an MS relapse, I am on the Professor Jelinek diet, which is fish eating (contradiction) vegan. But ultimately, I feel as if I am still in the same goldfish bowl, not getting anywhere. Ho hum!


Hi, I’m also on statins for high cholesteral. I tried to get mine down from 9 something by dieting, but didn’t work. Statins brought it down to 3 something.

Interesting if you google ‘statins bad for MS’ you get loads of links saying it is, and if you google ‘statins good for MS’ you get loads of links saying it is! In other words, they don’t know!

My whole family have high cholesteral so it’s in our genes. My mother eats the healthiest diet ever… LOADS of fruit and veg and hardly ever fats, and hers is about 8. She refuses to go on statins as says it’s all nonsense. She’s 85 and full of energy and sharp as a razor.

Never heard of body producing it in MS, but interesting theory.

Pat x

Hi,have you had your thyroid function done.

There is a link between hypothyroidism & high cholestrol (checked with BHF)

Just an idea as I’ve got both & MS,lucky me !!

Love to all Judi

Iv just had same disagreement with gp .my cholestral for last two test been high ,high white cells and platelets .my nuerologist just looked at me ,said ill do an mri but i dont think you have ms .When i told my gp about my elevated cholestral and whites are elevated as a friend whose a nurse told me .She said im not sure ask neurologist .I dont eat red meat ,cheese ,spreads or fats .I use olive oil .Watch diet ,eat no cakes too .