MS and high cholesterol

Is there any correlation between ms and cholesterol? I have spms and just have found out I have v high cholesterol. I eat a balanced diet. Plenty of veg, not quite so much fruit. Lots fish and chicken. I don’t drink that often. But cholesterol is now 7 (aagh).

I will see the gp when I can get an appointment, but I just wondered…

I was told by one of the GP receptionists that my cholesterol was 6, so above the recommended maximum. But when I saw my GP, she said that actually the ratio of good to bad cholesterol was excellent. So not to worry.

So it might actually be that your cholesterol is OK. It’s not all about the total number.

Stop worrying until you see the GP and find out exactly what the score is.


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My GP’spet panic is cholesterol. She’s obsessed with it. Last blood tests showed high cholesterol 7.5! However, my thyroid function was extremely low, despite me being on meds for that. She wanted to prescribe statins to me. I was reluctant to take it.

I always take a copy of my latest blood results to my Neuro appointment. She pointed out that once my thyroid levels reached normal, so too would my cholesterol and not to take statins. Last weeks results…thyroid now too raised, so lowering the dose of Eltroxin. Cholesterol however, coming down to 6.5. My normal level has been around the 5 mark. Sue is right, the ratio of good/bad is what counts. See the gp.

I’m also SPMS and spend more and more time in my wheelchair and electric scooters. Your diet sounds good to me but don’t know how much cheese and yolk of eggs you are eating as they are still high in saturated fat.

I got told today my cholesterol was 6.1 down from 6.2. I don’t even know what that means ! My GP didn’t warn me when it was 6.2 but decided to comment on latest results. Wish it was all we had to worry about eh!

I was told by the GP receptionist that my cholesterol was 6, therefore I should be concerned. But when I saw my GP she told me it’s all about the ratio of ‘good’ cholesterol to ‘bad’ cholesterol. And that my ratio of good to bad is excellent, therefore carry on eating as I do, don’t worry about it.

I went home and had a cheese sandwich with extra butter on it. Result.


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Mine is just over the 5 mark I think, at least that’s what I was told in my last works medical. Reading all the above posts you could argue that yes we all have high cholesterol, and yes we all have MS, so there must be a link ! I might be wrong but exercise or lack of it must surely effect cholesterol levels, so anyone with MS is obviously less active than someone without MS, even if the person without MS does no exercise, they must be at least a bit more active than us with MS, so therefore aren’t we bound to have a higher than normal cholesterol reading ? Or is it nothing to do with how active someone is ?