Cholesterol & MS?

Hi all,

what do you think? I have high cholesterol, 6.5 even though I have a healthy low fat diet. My daughter-in-laws mum also has PPMS and has a high cholesterol level of 7, despite being on a gluten and dairy free diet.

Do you think there’s a link with high cholesterol and MS?

Thanks Jane x


I do not know of a direct link between MS and high cholesterol.

I suspect the link, if any, relates to changes in our way of life as a result of MS. For instance, we become less mobile and more sedentary which has a causal effect. A more sedentary lifestyle also affects blood pressure, which can also affect cholesterol levels.

Your diets sound good but there are issues to consider with salt intake and alcohol consumption. Maintaining a low cholesterol level is a tricky task that requires constant vigil and I don’t believe that our condition helps in any way. Our ability to exercise is also compromised, of course.

It all sounds so depressing. Regrettably, it’s too early for a cheering glass of champagne.


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Hi Alun,

Thanks for your thoughts. The thing is my friend and I are non smokers, we don’t drink, and keep salt to a minimum (aren’t we boring)

Even when we were both active, with young families and I was a window cleaner our cholesterol levels were still high.

it was just a thought that crossed our minds.

Many thanks. Jane x


I am sure your diet is not boring; indeed it sounds laudably abstemious.

I am not an expert on these matters but, sometimes, high levels of cholesterol can run in a family despite any stalwart endeavours with diet and lifestyle.

Chin up and best foot forward.


Interesting. My cholesterol levels have always been steady 5 or thereabouts. Recent l blood test results were 6.6, three months later 7.5! My diet hasn’t altered. Of course my lack of mobility means I’m not active like I used to be anymore. My erratic thyroid levels don’t help either.

I now have to take medication for cholesterol as it was 7 when last tested. Not sure why because nothing has changed.

Pam x

Strangely I’ve just started a statin thread on Everyday Living. Don’t believe my cholesterol has ever been tested but will ask GP to test it.

Worried Tippy x