Simvastatin 80mg

It’s been a while since I posted on here, I’ve been getting on with life the best I can.

Ive now been discharged from the neuro but she has suggested I start the 80mg Simvastatin. I’ve been taking it for a couple of days.

is anyone else taking this high dose?

I’m glad to see that progressive MS is being researched. I felt like once I was told its progressive I’d been left to wait for God and there’s nothing anyone can do. My Copaxone was stopped because I’d had no relapses( here’s me thinking that was the point of having it)

so here I am 46 years old SPMS, wheelchair dependant, catheterised. Sorry if it’s TMI but that’s how it is.

life can be a struggle but I have a wonderful husband who keeps me going 2 great kids and 4 dogs.

my life has been completely turned upside down. Feeling sorry for myself isn’t going to alter anything so I do all I can to make sure I experience life to the max.

Keep well x


Glad to read how you have a good way to mentally deal with your lot.

I know it isn’t easy to have that mindset hun., but if we can find more peacefully times, then the bad times may not last too long.

I am on atorvastatin cholesterol meds. I manage to keep my level to around 3.8 ish. The dosage is 20mg nightly.I was on simvastatin for several years and then my gp changed it saying simvastatin was no llonger compatible with my other meds.

It is best to speak to your gp about the dose you are on.

Like you, I am a full-time wheelie and catheter user. I rely heavily on my hubby and 3 carers.

Our lives have ups and downs and I cope the best I can, with wobbles in between!

Luv Polly xx

I’ve been on 80mg/day on Simvastatin for more than six months. I started on 40mg a day and went up to 80 after three weeks and no ill effects. I had a liver function test at my GP’s before I started and have to have another every three ,months.

My bladder control has improved immensely since I’ve been on the Simvastatin. I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence.

Sewingchick, how do you manage to get 80mg/day prescribed (do you take 4 x 20mg)? I have asked my neuro but the best I can do is take 2 x 20mg which my GP prescribes, not because I need it for cholesterol lowering but because she knows I want to take it in case it helps MS.

I was on the MS-Stat trial, and taking the active drug, so hopefully it slowed the rate of brain atrophy for those 2 years - and why I am keen to continue with that dose. My neuro told me that if people experience muscle pains, it is because muscle could be breaking down and that this would lead to (dangerous) kidney problems.



My neuro wrote to my GP asking him to prescribe me 80 mg per day. Maybe you could ask yours to do the same? My neuro also specified that I should have a liver function test every three months - he didn’t say anything about kidneys.