Hi....i.m new to the forum

I have recently been diagnosed with FND …I feel so relieved that I have found this forum where there are people who understand and experience similar difficulties as myself … I have lots of questions to ask and hopefully i can answer lots of questions too…

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I am sorry that you have been having a worrying time. Have you found neurosymptoms.org? Maybe your advisors or your own research have led you there already? It is the best resource I have ever come across on what FND is and what it isn’t and how to think about it if you’ve got it and explain it to others,

Welcome Nettie…

Hi Nettie,
Welcome to the forum.
My wife had an episode “if that’s the correct term”? a few month ago. She woke up one morning with what she described as really bad cramp in her thigh with no way to stretch it out. After a couple of hours the cramp was getting worse and she was in agony with it and could not put her foot down. The back of her thigh was now rock solid and she was in so much pain we called 111 and they suggested she went to hospital. Long story short she couldn’t walk without a stick for around 6 weeks and off work for 9 weeks. The specialist said it was FND and suggested had she been through any injury or trauma? Ironically the only thing that had happened to her prior to the episode was, as she walked into our bathroom the wooden bath panel fell and hit her right on the side of her ankle bone, although painful at the time she thought nothing more of it. The hospital did x-ray this as a precaution but there was no issues.
So, although not directly affected by FND I have seen this first hand and although my wife seems fine now, everything happened so fast and was very debilitating for her.
Can I ask, do you have regular episodes or does it vary?

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